Traveling with a baby

Having a baby right before all the major holidays means lots of traveling...we actually spent the night outside of our home 3 times starting when our baby turned 7 weeks old. The thought of it was quite stressful at first but I am very thankful all three little trips turned out fabulous. We have done Babywise starting at about 5 weeks of age and I am a believer it is the best. I was NOT strict with this at all the first 4 weeks of life because I wanted to just relax and cuddle on my newborn and break all the rules....i.e. holding her while she slept:) We have also had Miss Isabella learn to sleep everywhere...her pack n play, crib, bouncer, boppy lounger, and swing and I think this did wonders for her sleeping/traveling well. She actually slept her longest stretch 5.5 hours her first sleepover night at her Mamaw's house. She is now at 9 weeks old sleeping 7 hours at night:) Yipee! So here are my essentials for traveling:

1. Suitcase: I loved having a seperate suitcase for made it SO much easier for me to find her things easily...I know some parents prefer to pack all in one but find what works for you. I love to just buy cute rolling suitcases and get them embroidered...I have done this for my niece and nephew and they use theirs all the time.

2. Stroller and car seat: like I have said in many previous love our Baby Jogger City Select. Best traveling easy to open/close, smooth ride and folds away nicely. Also very easy to maneuver in crowds:)

3. Carriers for baby: I used my Moby Wrap and Petunia Picklebottom Ergobaby carrier equally as much...our last trip was in San Antonio and our sweet baby slept great in both while walking around. I loved, loved the hood for the Ergobaby carrier...kept her covered from the cold and strangers curious hands:)

4. Pack N Play: We absolutely love that our little one was originally trained to sleep in her pack n play...makes traveling with one so much easier. I know most hotels have some you can borrow but the thought of that grosses me out but if it doesn't you, you can definitely call ahead and see if they have some to loan out. Our Pack n Play is so easy to collapse and travel with so I am a huge fan.

5. Sound machine: this small giraffe travel sound machine is perfect for on the go. We use this same one at home...great for routine and to drown out any noises...i.e. family laughter, dogs barking...

6. Nursing cover: If you are nursing this is a life saver for when you happen to be caught out and about during babies next feeding time. My Hooter hider stays in the diaper bag and goes with me everywhere.

7. Toys: love this toy for our little one...the backside is black and white...the colors most new babies can see...and the front has all colors, sounds, etc for as she has gotten older.

8. WubbaNub: I have talked about my love for the Wubbanub though my baby isn't a huge pacifier user she will take it when extremely sleepy and she took one the whole last 2 hours of Les Miserables...that I took her to on our trip...I know call me crazy but we sat in the back and except for 1 small moment she did great:)

9. Car rear mirror: a must so you can see your sweet baby from the front seat.

Packing hints:

Sorry for the poor iPhone pic quality, I was rushing to pack and didn't grab my good camera

**Put outfits/accessories in gallon size baggies...this was the BEST....Every piece she needed for each outfit was in the bag...i.e bows, socks, pants, shoes, onesie, etc. This little trick was a life saver...and traveling with a little one I always packed 2 outfits/day plus pajamas/swaddler for nighttime.

**Diapers...I packed lots of them just in case...for a weekend I took close to 40 just to be safe

**Wipes...I took one whole package plus filled up our travel size in our diaper bags.

**Blankets...I took 3 different Aden and Anais swaddle blankets plus 2 warm blankets for our 3 day trips.

**Also took along our grooming kit I mentioned here as well as a bulb syringe.

Hope this was helpful as I was pretty clueless when determining how much and what to pack the first time!!
These were road trips so when/if we travel by plane soon I will probably do the same but check with airlines as far as what luggage you are allowed to carry/check.

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