So as most have heard we found out today that we will not be finding out my mom's PET scan results until next Monday. Apparently her oncologist is out all week..after kicking/screaming/sobbing getting over it tonight I have taken some time to meditate and be prayerful over the situation we are in. Over the last 2 years we have spent more time at doctor's offices and at hospitals than any family should ever need to and I have learned SO much about how as a provider I can be better at what I do. I approach every family and every patient with totally new intentions and insight. Families/parents/kids are scared, shocked and we as providers need to learn to meet them where they are and not question or belittle where they are at but embrace that everyone handles every situation differently. Even the most simple surgery is a BIG surgery when it is your family!! I've learned that the medical terminology that we assume people would/should know they don't. I have learned that most families have NO clue what in the world the doctor just said and they look to someone/anyone to decipher what in the world they are trying to say. So with this please friends in the medical profession be patient, speak to families and treat them as if they were your own...imagine how you would feel/act in a particular situation. And yes as one professional to another I plan to gently remind my mom's oncologist that it is NEVER EVER okay to keep a family waiting for possible life altering results for almost 2 weeks...we waited a week for the scan now anxiously wait for the results for a week. NEVER acceptable....no one should ever wait that long. I think sometimes unless a doctor has walked in the footsteps of their patients themselves or with family members they have no idea what it feels like...no idea what it feels like to be waiting...My sweet friend Ashley posted this song below and I have meditated on it for days now...I sob every time and my hubby asks me over and over if I should change the song but I have found SO much comfort in the song, comfort in the sobs and in the tears knowing that He is constant, He is only good and He is sovereign. And not for a moment will He forsake us. So thankful we can as his children rest in that promise...

I have also found so much comfort in this verse Marlen posted for me especially since patience is not easy for me:

Psalms 27:14-Wait patiently for the LORD. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the LORD.

I cannot thank each of you, every friend, every person that has texted, called, sent encouragement and checked in over the last 1.5 weeks it already feels like an eternity but having SO many walking beside us has helped us get through it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart....we could not make it without your support and love.

UPDATE: Mom's appointment is set for Thursday, February 7th at 9:00 am. They are hoping to get us info before then but we aren't counting on it.


  1. I found your blog and have been reading it as we have both dealt with a newborn and my father in-law being diagnosed with Sarcoma Cancer. Just wanted to share a song that I have clung to during the many many days of waiting. The oncology report took 17 days to get back to us!!! I understand your frustration and the anxiety that it produces. Hope that "Blessings" by Laura Story helps you also during this time that we are to wait upon the Lord. May you know the Blessings of our Saviour!! PS-My father in-law completed all of his chemo, radiation, and surgury at MD Anderson in Houston and they were WONDERFUL! But being 14 hours away from home, it was terribly hard. Blessings to you and the do grow up fast! Our son is now 18 months!!!

    1. SO glad you have been following. So sorry to hear about your father in-law but I am SO glad he is doing well!! Absolutely love that song, thanks for sharing it will be on repeat on my ipod for a while:) Congratulations on your son, best thing in the world!!!