2-3 month must haves

I honestly can't believe I already have a 3 month old...crazy how fast time has flown by. Here are a few of my absolute faves for the last couple of months in addition to the 1 month haves here. I feel like everytime I blink an eye she is doing something new and fun!! Month 2 and 3 have been so fun because she is so much more interactive and expressive. Loves to play and stare at things and lots and lots of smiles:)

-1- Play mat...a definite must have...Isabella has become SO alert and can be entertained for a long time staring at her mat and is learning to grab at the toys and kick them. So good for their development. Tummy time doesn't last long on this mat anymore because she wants to immediately flip over so she can see her favorite owl.

-2- Trumpette socks....a must, I think we have over 3 dozen pairs of these...not only are they adorable but they fit perfect and stay on!! They have SO many different styles and kinds for both boys and girls. She won't keep shoes on because she kicks too much so these are perfect!

-3-Humidifier...perfect for the winter time and to help moisten the air. Plus helping air to move in the baby's room with either a fan and/or humidifier has been shown to reduce the risk of SIDS.

-4- Bottle warmer...With the plan for me to be going back to work soon and me being gone away from our sweet baby we have introduced the bottle! Took us quite a while to find one she liked but this bottle warmer is a must. She refuses the bottle if it isn't warm...love this one so easy and quick. Tear for returning to work;,(

-5- Books...while we don't spend hours and hours reading we have started to introduce some because she is SO alert and curious. She loves to stare at all the colors...love this adorable book. At this age bright colors, sounds, and lights are the best thing for their development.

-6- Mirror....it is so adorable to watch her look in the mirror. She smiles and coos at her new friend...little does she know its herself:)

-7- Toys....Like I've said before this is one of my fave toys...perfect colors and size. At this stage I would aim for toys that have bright lights, make music and have bright colors. At this age their vision is starting to improve but the sharp contrast of bright colors and your face will catch their attention.

-8- Johnson & Johnson hand wipes...one of my sweet friends introduced these to me...I love them perfect for wiping her face and hands after we've been out and about and too many people have touched her:)

-9-Boogie Wipes...I love these. They are great for wiping my sweet baby's nose...plus I love the Grape scent....I know, I know I am probably the only adult that likes the smell...Isabella makes the cutest shocked face when I wipe it with these, I think its the cold temperature not the grape haha at least thats what I tell myself;)

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