Boo Fo Chemo

"Everyones got a story to tell, everyone has a wound that needs to be healed" Plumb.....I have been really listening to this song below a lot lately and knowing and trusting that God is in control. During this past few months of waiting I have clung to knowing that thankfully He is in control. I absolutely loved this blog post on waiting.  I loved Beth Moore's quote that "Never in our wait is God inactive." I truly believe that despite the pain and agony of waiting for our appointment today that God was completely in control working on each of us: my mom, my dad, my sisters, me, and Dr. Munoz. When Dr. Munoz came in today to tell us that the research from California came back that mom's Clear Cell carcinoma cancer is responsive to 2 chemos my heart sunk. I did and still have such mixed emotions while I NEVER, EVER wanted to see my mom have to go through the pain and discomfort of chemo again and I had prayed and begged God for no more chemo, I also felt the need to praise Him that there was a chemo that would treat her cancer. The week after we found out my mom's cancer was back during one of my very tearful quiet times I felt the Lord tell me that He wasn't finished with her in the chemo room. (You see my mom is a huge blessing to these women, preaching and encouraging...what she does best:) Though I prayed and hoped I had heard Him wrong I know that He is faithful and truly must not be done with her in that chemo room. Based on the research from mom's tumor in California she will be starting chemo again at the end of March or early April. We are praying her and my dad get to take a quick trip before it begins. She will be getting 6 months of chemo she will get 3 weeks of chemo then a week off each month. She will be receiving Taxotere (similar to Taxol she received here) and Cisplatin (similar to Carboplatin she also received here) and Avastin (like here) that helps by basically assisting the chemo to work even better. Please be praying for our mom right now pray for lots and lots of peace....and though I know small, please pray that she doesn't lose her hair...there is a small chance she won't. She will get another scan in 3 months to assure that she is responsive to the chemo.
Thank you so incredibly much for your prayers, and caring for and loving us through this journey.

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  1. Praying for your sweet momma... God isn't done using her in that chemo room yet! Love you!