DIY: Baby leggings

1. First buy some adorable adult knee high socks...I found all these at Target and had to make myself stop, they had SO many cute pairs. I think these are currently on sale under $2 a piece, a serious steal if you ask me!!!

2. Cut right above the heel, I used a pair of her leggings to help measure making sure they were at least 2 inches longer than her pair of leggings.

3. Next, cut each pair on the sides up about 2 inches, it is better to cut too little than too much. You can always cut more if needed.

 5. Turn each pair of socks inside out.

6. Fold up about 1/4 of an inch and then fold again, so you have two folds total and then pin.

7. Then sew a zig zag stitch across both sides...for the remaining socks I made a little bit bigger zig zag. (6 mm by 2 mm was my sewing machine measurements)

7. Then sew a regular straight stitch up at a diagonal as I show here with ribbon.

8. Next trim off the excess fabric from the corners.

9. Turn right side out and you have some adorable baby legs!!! Easy as that, there are some more difficult tutorials out there if you want more of a band around the bottom, as found here but this momma whose time is precious goes for the easiest.

 They fit perfect and I am pretty sure Isabella loves them:)


  1. These are too cute and "re-pinned" several times this morning! Love our sewing projects!

  2. This is great! Now I really want a baby girl! :)