DIY Chevron bunting

So I am obsessed with bunting....any kind of bunting...flag, pom pom, tulle, and I saw a picture with a chevron type bunting but did not see any instructions so I stepped out on a limb and decided to make one for this shower this past weekend. Here are my quick easy instructions...

First measure strips of paper in 4 inch sets and cut
(I used 12x12 paper and only needed 2 strips of each color to make mine)

Then measure and mark the center at 1.5 in and down 2 inches.
(You can change these measurements dependent on the size chevron you want
but I definitely found measuring kept my chevrons uniform)

Next cut from marking to marking to make your first chevron

Then measure an inch down the sides and mark both sides.

I drew a line down the center as well to help make this easier and made a small mark every inch down the center.

And then just continue cutting side mark to center mark.

Repeat with all colors of paper you choose to use.

And this is what you should have when you are done.
(The square pieces were for our mommy advice)

To start sewing them together start by pulling a long piece of thread so that you can use that piece to hang it with.

Then line up your pieces next to your machine in the CORRECT order so you can grab them easily.
(I put mine in the incorrect order the first time, hence my all caps:)

Then slowly feed them through...that easy!! Never knew how easy it was to sew through paper until recently!

Quick video below of how I fed it through

Just keep feeding them through.

And when you get to the end pull it through so you have a long tail of thread to hang it!

Easy as that! Enjoy!!

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