Double swaddle magic

Obviously there were lots of factors that contributed to our little one's sleep habits but one thing I swear by is the double swaddle!!! We have done it since the day we brought Isabella home....I think it is part of the recipe to getting her to sleep 7 hours straight at night at 8 weeks old. I knew from experience that babies LOVE to be swaddled and that they startle easily thus waking themselves up. My houdini of a baby can easily break out of a swaddle and as soon as an arm gets free she thinks she has just done something magnificant and her eyes get big and she looks SO shocked and then she is wide awake!! I don't blame her she just performed her first magic tricks! So our secret was using the SwaddlePod until she was 10 lbs and now the SwaddleMe underneath her Aden and Anais blanket. Under the SwaddlePod all she wears is a diaper. I didn't want her to get too hot so this has worked perfect for us. Here is a step by step on how we do it... (p.s. No she does not sleep in a bow I just thought she looked cuter with one on....always remove bows before naptime I have learned they can become eyeshields/choking hazards/etc;) Proof below.

So here are the quick directions on how to do the double swaddle...

First put on your SwaddleMe or SwadllePod (or whatever your choice is) If you would prefer you can just use two blankets so skip this step and follow the swaddle directions twice.

Modeling her adorable SwaddleMe!

Start your swaddle blanket by folding down the top corner

Then wrap your right side tucking in around the back underneath, I love the Aden and Anais blankets because they are so long I can tuck it tightly around her back
Then fold up your bottom corner, fold down the corner if it is to long like shown above

Lastly wrap the left side around as tightly as possible.

And you are done! See she is pretty happy/getting fussy and ready for a nap;)

p.s.s No baby limbs were broken or injured while wrapping and mummifying.

and if you don't think the double swaddle makes for a happy the video below....proof that 8 hours of sleep brings everyone pure joy:)

Please ignore my annoying voice..I have a different video that I'm not quite SO obnoxious on and Isabella is much more smiley but it wouldn't upload!! Our sweet little girl wakes up like this EVERY morning, its our fave!

And no I am not a sponsor of either product but hey Aden and Anais and SwaddleMe...I would happily oblidge;) These are my own opinions and faves:)


  1. So cute! ...Have you tried the woombie? Ours started busted out of normal swaddles around 6 weeks or so and could also bust out of the swaddle pod, but not the woombie! We absolutely loved it! Life changing!

    1. So far she rarely breaks out of the double swaddle. The woombie reminds me of the SwaddlePod....I may look into those once she outgrows her SwaddleMe. Thanks for telling me about it!