Mimi update

For those who follow me on Facebook I have been much better about updating mom's status there but knew some people solely read this so I wanted to give a quick update. Wednesday was a very rough day we couldn't quite seem to get mom's nausea and pain under control. After lots and lots of prayers and tweaking some medicine mom woke up a new person on Thursday morning. When I walked into her room I swear she looked 100x better. She was feeling SO much better the first thing she said was I feel like singing "Oh happy day!" So she did:) If you know my mom if her singing has returned she is back to normal:) I helped her shower, put on make up and fix her hair. It was a very busy morning but she did great. Something about a shower after surgery makes you just feel SO much better. So thank you for all our sweet family and friends that called and checked on us and prayed for her on Wednesday, watching your mom that uncomfortable has to be one of the hardest things as a daughter!

To make our Valentine's Day even sweeter we found out that all the biopsies that Dr. Munoz took came back negative....meaning no cancer any where else. Now we are just patiently waiting for the results from the tumor they sent off to California to know the plan from here. We are hoping mom will break out of the hospital today and get to go home and finish recovering there!! We have a follow up appointment with Dr. Munoz next week so crossing our fingers for some results then!

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