Mom's Surgery

So as many of you know the last 3 weeks have been very emotional, stressful days for our family. My mom has been followed very closely since she finished her last round of chemo in April of 2012. She has seen Dr. Munoz and had a CT scan every 3 months. Her visit prior to the last one was the week after Isabella was born in November and she was given the all clear in perfect health....But on January 21st I think our world was shaken all over again and in someways felt much more emotional and scary for me than her original diagnosis. You can read more about that appt and day here. So after that appt mom had her PET scan on January 28th. We have waited angrily, impatiently for the results since then, our appt kept getting moved for what unforeseen reason we did not know....then I wrote this blog so you can know how I felt about that waiting. So to make this almost seem even more crazy/humorous we show up to her appointment on Friday morning at 8 am to a locked sweet momma will call this day the CRAZIEST God ordained mom had to call their answering service to let us in. They all look shocked when we proceed to tell them she had an appointment with Dr. Munoz. Apparently they had called the night before to change her appointment to the 14th....I'm sorry, What?!?!? did you say the 14th, so I very tearfully/emotionally (remember I wear my heart on my sleeve and cry super easy) tell them that, that is in NO way acceptable. I apologize to them and let them know I know it is not their fault but that it is seriously not okay for a family to wait over 3 weeks for results....I wanted them to know that it is NEVER okay for families to wait for results like this...well after some tears they get us an appointment with Dr. Munoz's partner Dr. Heffernan (for those who don't know I've/we've kind of wanted to get a second opinion so here is our opportunity...we get a second opinion without even trying). We drive to their Plano office and we wait over an hour at Dr. Heffernan's office to see him....though that hour was long and frustrating we listened to some praise and worship thankful for this family that, that is what my mom requests while waiting!! Most incredible thing to help bring some peace in the waiting...come to find out he has been seeing both of their patients and yes, Dr. Munoz has a very frustrating/legitimate reason for pushing us back...but their office I let them know needs to communicate better in his absence for families like ours waiting for information. Anyways...we love Dr. Heffernan and he reiterated Dr. Munoz's plan and told us what a phenomenal surgeon he is...He agrees with Dr. Munoz that my mom needs to have a full open surgery meaning from sternum all the way to her lower abdomen so they can study all her organs and look for cancer...this is the part we were hoping to avoid but at the end of the day he said this is what he would do for his wife and his job is to save our mom's life...AMEN to that. So here we are Dr. Munoz will be operating tomorrow at 2 pm on our mom. Please, please be praying for Dr. Munoz, my mom and the whole medical team. Pray that this mass in her pelvis is encapsulated and there are no other signs of cancer. Also please pray for NO MO CHEMO!! Our mom is pretty adamant that she does not want any more chemo....I mean who would especially after already doing a year of that stuff. SO please pray with us that she will be that exception where this tumor is completely encased and no where else and she won't have to do chemo. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers over the next week...praying for a quick recovery, no complications and most importantly NO CHEMO!!

We had some much need family time Saturday and got mom as ready as we could for Monday!!

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