PTL---"Praise the Lord"---So mom got out of surgery about 6 o'clock yesterday and we felt like in spite of the situation we got some good news with the nightmare of bad news we have been walking through. Dr. Munoz called us about halfway through the surgery and let us know he was working on taking the tumor out and hadn't seen any other suspicious areas yet....incredible surgeon to call and talk to us in the middle of his surgery to help calm us!! It took him quite a long time to debulk and take out her tumor. It ended up being the size of a hamburger bun..haha my dad's description of the size Dr. Munoz showed us, I probably would pick the size of an orange...guy vs female version;) It was wrapped around some very important arteries and nerves and was attached to her bladder and bowel wall explaining many of the symptoms that she was having that were slowly worsening while we waited...lots of pressure, shooting pain down her leg, bloating, feeling like she had a bladder infection. It was wrapped on the same nerve, the femoral nerve, that Miss Isabella liked to either grab, punch and kick and I can speak from experience it is PAINFUL!! Praise the Lord that nothing else looked suspicious, he said he looked at her insides from top to bottom, he did biopsy some lymph nodes and some other areas to assure there is no metastasis (cancer anywhere else). He also sent off the tumor to California to be studied by a biochemical pathologist, I think that was her title, who has had the same kind of rare cancer, Clear Cell of the ovary like our mom. Once he gets her pathology report back we will discuss any future plans. In surgery the pathology did come back that it is Clear Cell carcinoma the same kind of cancer we found out she had here.

Another PTL....mom looks great today her scar is much smaller than we expected since thankfully she is small and he could see all he needed with a smaller incision. She does not have any numbness or problems with her right leg (he was worried about this because of the involvement with her right femoral nerve), she is in pain but it is well controlled. She is in high spirits and has been smiling, talking, and worrying about everyone else being taken care of like she normally does....THANK YOU so very much from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers!!! We will keep you updated about progress....and because a post isn't a post without pictures here are some pics from yesterday...

 Mom getting some lovin from Isabella and waiting to go back!! So thankful for this sweet joy in our lives!!

Miss Isabella taking a snooze, waiting in my office for Mimi to arrive!

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