4 month must haves

4 month must haves
I feel like we have made leaps & bounds in development this month. So much so that I found myself wanting to hold my baby down and quit tummy time in fear that it is going too fast, I kid, I kid but seriously Isabella SLOW down. When I lay her down now she attempts to sit up its quite cute but what, where did this come from?!!! The first year of baby development still astonishes me! All that they know and start doing just instinctively that you don't have to teach them. Yes, you have to prepare them and interact with them but no parent has to teach their child how to hold their head up, how to crawl, how to walk....incredible I say, incredible!! So with that said the 4 month must haves are quite different from what I needed just a month ago:( sigh!! My baby is no longer a newborn but a movin and a shakin baby!! I know I've said this before but if someone had a camera videoing in my house they would probably be calling the crazy ward with all the talking and dancing and singing I do with this child who has no idea what I'm saying, but you know what I love....how much she just smiles, coos and laughs at me, and yes occasionally cries when I break out in song;) (I don't know why, I swear my voice closely echoes that of Whitney Houston or Aretha Franklin, ha I wish:)) Something about month 4 has been so incredible just watching her take in everything about this little world of hers, nothing helps a baby's development more than the interaction from their parents and being talked to!! So that's why I lay on the floor with her, sing, make animal noises and read books, right;). My baby is a drooling and chewing myster already, no teeth yet but I swear she is working on it!

Her favorites for this month:

 Sophie the giraffe- This is seriously one of her faves...I wasn't really sure what all the rave was on this one, I mean it seriously reminds me of a dog toy but she loves it...she will chew and squeak that thing for hours;)

 Bumbo- can't believe my little one is ready for this...I was in denial and think I waited a week or 2 longer than I needed to, to introduce her to it...She loves to sit in this and watch me cook dinner...at least I think she does;) She doesn't protest and coos and smiles so I'm thinking she loves it!

 ExerSaucer-this one is physical therapist recommended over these regular bouncing seats, just FYI, per one of my BFFs that is a PT. Isabella loves it..you would have thought she was in heaven the first time I put her in it....she was SO excited, squealing, bouncing and looking around.

Mirror - a must have at this age...its like she has a friend to look at! They don't recognize that it is themselves til closer to 1.5 yrs. She coos and talks to the mirror, I adore it.

Lotion-I have fallen in love with this lotion. It smells so good and is perfect for her sensitive skin.

Toys, toys, toys- now is definitely time to bust out those toys you had hidden away for the right time...the time is now:) She loves her play keys so much she falls asleep with them in her hand and doesn't let go;) Swoon!

She loves the sounds and colors of the TV she cranes her neck to see it if it is on! (We limit this to 30 min a day haha jk. She doesn't watch TV persay but if it is on she tries her darndest to find it!!)

Loves staring at my iPhone screen!-colors and lights are so fascinating to a 4 month old brain:)

Crazy how fast things change!! I no longer have an infant but a smiling, cooing, interactive baby!!

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