4 months

Happy happy 4 months little pumpkin!!! I cannot even believe you are 4 months old already. I swear it feels like just yesterday we were bringing you home a little freaked out, SO excited! This month has been a busy, crazy one! I can't get over how fast you are learning and changing. I feel like all of a sudden time flies by and I'm thinking oh my gosh she is ready for her bumbo, holy cow now her exersaucer and toys!! You aren't just a tiny infant anymore you are a baby.....you are SO incredibly interactive now and coo, giggle, and smile SO much. You are such a great baby now, when we go places you are so content and just look around and take in this crazy world we live in. I am SO not ready for you to be growing up, Dennis told me I'm not allowed to brag about your development and I told him not to worry because I'm not ready or excited that you are moving too fast;) I'd be okay if you decided not to crawl until a year and walk at about a year and a half...jk no but really I am not that mommy that wants you to hurry up and do things early I am all about you just taking your sweet little time:) I've even threatened limiting your tummy time and play time so you don't go too fast, kidding again but seriously
S L O W down....

I am SO thankful we worked really hard on sleep training. You are the BEST sleeper, you will practically sleep anywhere and can easily put yourself to sleep when we lay you in your crib. I'm hoping this stays! This month was so hard because mommy had to go back to work. I cried the whole week before and sobbed the first day. It got easier for a while but I find that it keeps getting harder and harder now that you are so alert and active. I thankfully get home by 3 and daddy gets to have his daddy/daughter times in the morning...which he rocks by the way...I did learn though to remember to set out an outfit for you the night before EVERY time because the one time I forgot I came to pick  you up and you had on just a onesie....40 degrees outside, no pants, no socks, no blanket;) Aw but daddy does his best and it is great. You are so incredibly loved...we are so incredibly thankful that the Lord knows best even blessing the timing of your arrival. Mimi has gotten to spend some great time with you before she starts chemo next month and you have brought lots of smiles and blessed your Mamaw during this hard time. I couldn't have planned it better! We are so sad that Papaw did not get to meet you but in a way we think he was the first to get to meet you before you arrived to us and he is your special little angel. Mommy has gotten to spend Mondays off with you which has been a huge blessing, you see Liz Tues-Thur and Mamaw watches you on Fridays. You are SO flexible and great with everyone.

People brag about how great you are, even our housekeeper;) Miss Liz says your are just the sweetest baby when she watches you! Mamaw says our next baby surely won't be so good. You are always SO happy especially since your reflux is better. Daddy and I love to discover what makes you smile and giggle now. Daddy has gotten pretty good at getting some laughs!

You love: your Sophie giraffe, sucking on your toes, playing airplane, bath time, chewing on anything and everything you can get to your mouth, being talked to, diaper changes (I swear you smile the most on your changing pad:), car rides (you almost always fall asleep now), your swing, your bumbo, your play bouncer, sucking on your fingers

You do not love: when you roll to your tummy...you can roll back but you often just cry until I move you, when you are sleepy, when I switch sides while nursing you definitely let me know you are not done, thats about it...you are pretty content otherwise.

So I once again went a little crazy with the pics but she was just so fun and smiley I couldn't help it....the first picture went viral on facebook...haha jk I have always wanted to say something went viral. This was one of the last pictures and she wanted to show us what a big girl she is and sit up a little:)

Weight: 12 lbs 9oz (16%ile)
Height: 24.3 inches (42% ile)
Head: 15.8 in (35%ile)

Diaper count: 1267 (Size 1)
Wipes packages: 26
Diaper genie refills: 4
Longest stretch of sleep: 10 hrs 1 min
Shoe size: Newborn
Clothes size: 0-3 months
Eating every 3-4 hours, take 3-4 ounce bottles

Milestones: Found your feet and you love to suck on your toes, Great head control-mommy can practically carry you on her hip now, rolling from back to tummy (makes for some crazy nights since  you aren't a fan of staying on your tummy)

Shots today: Dtap, Hib, IPV, Prevnar, Rotateq

Happy 4 months beautiful girl!!
This is the child God has given me. God has been good. Genesis 33:5


  1. I love reading your blog, Stephanie! You are such an encouragement and your faith in Christ is a true breath of fresh air.

  2. I absolutely adore this posting! We also have the Samuel verse hanging in our daughters room! I love that you captured her weight, height, milestones, etc. So sweet!