Benefits of Juicing

So the hubs and I have become quite the juicers. I never thought I would say this but I actually crave it hubby convinced me that we had to have this juicer....he had me at you can make baby food with it...we will see, I still plan to invest in a Beaba for Miss Isabella's baby food but we will see.
You see one of the many wonderful things about my husband is when he gets an idea or interest in his mind he does more research than my attention span would allow....the research he did said this is the juicer we must have and I must say it is so fast, easy, and SO quick to clean. He also did tons and tons of research on the benefits and I LOVE him for here are the most important benefits that I have found in my research...

Juicing allows you to.....

Consume more vegetables than you could probably eat in a day comfortably.

Try a wider variety of vegetables than you would typically not eat.

Absorb more of the nutrients from the vegetables.

And each vegetable has some incredible benefits, see some of our faves below.

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1.Cucumbers- cucumbers are a great source of potassium and Vitamin K. They are low in calorie and the skin provides an excellent source of fiber. Cucumbers are also nutrient dense in unique antioxidants: B-carotene and a-carotene, zea-xanthin and lutein.

2. Spinach- huge anti-cancer properties due to its abundant flavonoids. Great source of dietary fiber.High in antioxidants Vit C, Vit E, beta-carotene, magnesium, zinc and selenium.  Source of neoxanthin and violaxanthin two anti-inflammatory epoxyxanthophylls that help play a role in regulation of inflammation and many more.

3. Carrots-Great source of Vitamin A. High in beta-carotene that is converted to Vitamin A that is transformed in the retina to help with vision. Studies have shown carrots to reduce the risk of lung, breast and colon cancer.

4. Kale-low in calorie, high in fiber and zero fat. Kale has more iron per calorie than beef. Iron is essential for transporting oxygen in the body, cell growth, proper liver funcion and more. Kale is a powerful antioxidant and great dietary source of Vitamin K. Kale is also higher in calcium than milk, aiding in preventing bone loss, preventing osteoporosis, and maintaining a healthy metabolism.

5. Apples-Granny smith apples are a great source of flavonoids acting as a strong antioxidant and neutrilizing free radicals. Great source of potassium.

6. Ginger-High in gingerols...Cancer fighting and prevention! Effective remedy for morning sickness and nausea. Antiinflammatory properties. Natural heart burn relief.

Our favorite juice:

4 carrots
1 handful spinach
sliver ginger, to taste
1granny smith apple
couple spruces parsley
1/2 handful kale

And because everything tastes better in a mason jar, pour over ice and enjoy!


  1. I want to try one of your juices! Tell Dennis to make me a cocktail. :)

  2. Ashley-I'm on it!! I'll bring some tomorrow!!