Foto Friday

Quick recap of the week in Iphone pics!! Yes I might be a little picture happy, but hey I've always been that way:)

See she loves her Sophie and linky toys! Oh and her Wubbanub!

My little case she ever complains our outfits often coordinate not match;)

Enjoying the beautiful weather on the patio with my loves.

Shopping with Popi and the fam!

Being mommy's cooking buddy!! Love her

Getting some love from Aunt Heather!

This is what truly blessed feels like! My sleeping sweetie during church!

Worn out from her walk. I would lift her head and she'd go right back!! Wouldn't let go of her toys either;)

She wanted a drink from this cup SO bad. It was precious!

This was our week...The red on the side means crying...she was up at 1:30, 2:30 and 3:30 all week stuck in the corner!

Insert *squeal*!! Love this happy baby!

Oh ya know she eating in the car!! When you have to eat, you have to eat:)

Happy, happy Friday!!

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