Natural teethers for baby

 We have officially hit the drooling, chewing on everything that gets close to the mouth stage. It is crazy to me that we have known the ill effects of BPA for years and the FDA just banned it from being in baby bottles and sippy cups last year. I am/have been working on a post on Cancer risks including BPA for a while I just haven't gotten it complete yet. With that being said if you are using bottles/sippy cups made before 2012 they could contain BPA and a lot of toys and teethers may also contain BPA. With all the cancer in Dennis and I's family I try to avoid any known risks of cancer including BPA, so of course when my daughter has decided she needs to gnaw on anything that comes in contact with her mouth the research in-sued. I quickly bought up all of the above teethers...I may have gone overboard but I wanted lots of far she loves them all!! I love this RazBerry one because you can put it in the freezer and make it cold. This banana is great because it doubles as a first toothbrush! This all-natural pear teether is adorable. These keys and linky toys can entertain her for hours:) And of course you can't go wrong with this or this or this Sophie teether, they are her absolute faves. All these teethers are BPA, Phthalate and Latex free!!

Happy chewing!!


  1. I so registered for some of these! This makes me excited that they are all safe and have been tested! (: I'm definitely going to check into the others that I haven't heard of before like the banana! That is just too cute!

    1. Oh yay good!! Our little one loves all of these:) Congratulations! Let me know if you need anything

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