Ruffle crepe paper garland

Here is the super easy steps I used to make the ruffled crepe paper garland I made here:

First, set your sewing machine to its longest stitch and strongest tension. Below is where the settings are on my machine!

Start by overlapping your crepe paper and lock your stitch (I may have made up that term by sewing forward then reversing a stitch). My backward stitch is that little curve button seen in below picture to the above, right of the green arrow.

Then slowly sew away!

 I found that if I held the crepe paper like below it was easiest to keep them overlapped perfectly like I wanted! I also felt that having the rolls like below the crepe paper easily unrolled to sew.

If you aren't satisfied with how ruffled your ruffle is hold tension on your stitch close to the thread like below. (I held it the whole time because I wanted lots of ruffle)

And there you have it so simple and adorable..

It easily rolls up for storage and later use:)

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