In honor of "Throw back Thursday," I thought I would do a few weekly throw backs here on the good ole blog of old showers, parties etc....

First up my sister Chaille's baby shower circa 2005!! 

 Reminder: these pictures were taken with my trusty ole Canon Rebel 35mm DSLR. This was well before anything like Pinterest was even thought of! And I believe this might have been my first shower I had ever thrown.

Yep painted that cute rocking horse to match her nursery 

Made a Daddy Diaper "Doodie" tools apron

All the beautiful girls at her shower.
Family excited and ready to meet Noelle
Sweet Noelle Renee...can't believe she is 7!

I love that I still have all these decorations still. It was what honestly prompted me to hunt these pictures down when I found them in my party closet!

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