DIY bow or bow tie

This is the quick method for making a bow, that can easily double as a bow tie for a sweet boy.

1. First start by measuring your fabric....I measured mine 8 inches long by 2 inches wide....this measurement depends on how big you want your bow.

2. Fold your edges under and sew do not have to do this a raw edge is perfectly fine, or you can just iron and it will stay, just depends on the look you are going for. This does not have to be perfect either, as you can tell mine was not;)

3. The fold your fabric in half and squeeze together and sew down the center...Also, again this part does not have to be perfect and if you don't glue works just as great.

4. Next, get your center piece ready. For this I used hot glue you could sew it as well but you just need a 2 in by 5 in piece and fold it in half.

5. Then just wrap around center and hot glue in place.

6. Then, glue a quick clip to the back or to make a bow tie you can glue on a pin.

And easy as that, you are this quick option when I want to make a simple, inexpensive bow to match her outfits.

I think it's safe to say Isabella loved it:)

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