Foto Friday

Quick recap of my iPhone pics for the week...yes there are tons....I am constantly having to delete to make room for new photos!

Yep Isabella sucked on her wrist one morning and caused what looks like a hickey!! Oh goodness! Come on teeth!

My sweet girl playing away

Modeling her paci holder from her auntie Heather

Mommy was busy making baby food....she was NOT a fan of the loud noise!
More on making baby food soon!!

Sweet girl loungin watching daddy get things ready to hang her swing which she loved by the way:)

Don't judge...yep this happened....actually rather tasty!

She loves Gap as much as her mom...I like the women's but honestly never went in there until now....Isabella is addicted to Gap Baby:) Oh and Old Navy, Target and Zara too:)

This is an oldie I didn't have time to do a Foto Friday from last week so this was her happy to go meet Miss Grey her future BFF.

This girl knows how to lounge....she always has her legs crossed. My kind of girl.

Matching once again on was raining don't mind my crazy rain boots;)

Sweet baby Grey...another photo from last week...she is just perfect!

Isabella's pocket onesie I made this week, not perfect but not horrible for my first attempt.

OMG...can't believe this is really happening....there is NO way my baby is old enough to start solids!!

And I'll end you with my faves for the week...I wish I could include sounds through pics...she sure knows how to smile and pose for the camera:)

Happy, Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Yay for solids! I love her little face with the food processor. :)

  2. Yay for solid foods and baby food making! It's so much fun! I LOVE the pocket onsie! Adorbs!