Foto Friday

Can't tell you how incredibly thankful I am that it is Friday. It was a long, rough week so I am thankful to have the next 2 glorious days off with my sweet fam. Quick recap of the week
We tried avocados this week.

And the verdict was a mixed review...first night gagging and cringing, last night a little better but still not so sure.

She is loving her sips of water from her sippy cup!!

Getting so close to full on sitting on her own, she will hold it for quite a while before assuming the tripod pose:)

Look mom one hand

Officially saying goodbye to her bassinet attachment...sad day for this momma

Offically in her big girl seat for her one warned me how incredibly fast this time goes

Loving her new counting purse book....ready for her sushi date with friends tonight

And last but not least my favorite pics of the week....the sneak peak of her bluebonnet pictures...

Happy Friday ya'll!!
 Have an incredibly blessed beautiful weekend
 Remember where ever you are, what ever you are walking through God is there and
 He has promised to see us through it.


  1. WATTA SWEETIE! I love her outfit & bow! Oh goodness. Too cute. :)