Hair bow holder

I'm smiling at myself as I sit down to write this post because this tutorial is SO easy.....

First you need the 4 items below....
poultry netting (closest size to your frame)
Wire cutters.

My poultry netting was was 24in X 10ft and my frame was a 17.5in X 21.5in.
Plenty left over for a future project I will have to come up with!

1st paint your frame whatever color you want, then sand to get antique finish if you want...

Next lay your frame out over netting to measure...this part is tricky and this stuff is sharp. My suggestion would be to wear gloves....I didn't and have several scratches to show for it:)

Next cut using wire cutters cut excess netting off.

Turn frame over and use staple gun to staple away. (This step is honestly easier with 2 people because the wire likes to curl. If you don't have an extra set of hands a knee works;)

See told you super, super easy!! 

I wish I could admit this was all of them but I just discovered a whole container full of more...and these do not include her headbands...we are in trouble:)