Lil miss style

So I get a lot of questions on the Lil Miss' style mostly from sweet friends so I thought I would do a quick post on some of my fave places to shop....

Here are a couple of our quick shopping trips, these are kinda old pics but they were some from my first  shopping sprees once she was born:)

Top favorite places:

Target is probably my weakness because I go in there at least weekly for other things and ALWAYS feel the need to run through the baby clothes section just in case they have something SO cute I can't pass up.

Old Navy and Gap online are my second weakness....I've learned that if I don't want to buy something then don't look.

While I love, love H&M, Zara, and can't really shop online except Zara but the selection is much smaller so these stores I love but have to make a special trip to the mall for them, and well, sometimes time is limited.

The next major question I get is where I find her bows and leggings. While I make probably 60% of  her bows, below are my favorite places to shop for them, paroozing Etsy and online is a great way to get ideas to make them, Hobby lobby is my go to resource for flowers, bands, etc..... Leggings I find everywhere, mostly Zulily and here is my tutorial to make them from knee high socks



Zappos-infant shoes
Freshly Picked-Baby Moccasins

Leggings: HartsandRoses, Onesie: handmade by me, Bow: HartsandRoses

One of the things I love to do as well is put her pants/leggings inside her onesie...I've never been a fan of the pants up to the chest kind of look so I don't find it cute on babies either so I liked this look I saw at some point and went with it:)

This is the lil Miss' closet! I honestly, shockingly didn't do that much shopping before Isabella was born...In hine sight I was SO disappointed when she was a newborn and I didn't have tons of bows etc....but no need to worry I have made up for my lack of shopping...
This was her closet months ago...its a little out of control now plus she has clothes downstairs and in her dresser....someone tell me to quit shopping...oh wait maybe don't!

This was one of my favorite little outfits when she was a newborn...Found this onesie at Janie and Jack, another one of my fave places...a little pricey but if you can find sale items its a plus... and her leggings were a gift from a sweet friend from H&M. I got a skirt to match it but my petite little one still doesn't fit in itl.

Sweet lil Miss in her Leopard onesie that was a gift...I made the headband using a bow and lace from Hobby Lobby...leg warmers were also from Hobby Lobby...they have a few basic pairs there. Shoes are one of my faves and they were a gift...similar here.

This sweet onesie I showed above from H&M, legwarmers made by me and hair bow was a purchase from Buy Buy Baby...I saw these neon ones and knew we would need them in the future. Socks are some of my faves by MudPie.

This is the other side of her closet before she was should see it now. Ooops:)

Pettiskirt-gift-similar here, Heart PJs-Old Navy, Heart zigzag onesie-made by me, Zigzag skirt-Etsy, Pink onesie and zigzag leggings-Zulily

And my latest shopping's a good thing my hubby isn't a blog reader or he might forbid me from entering Target or shopping Old Navy/Gap online....eeek!!

Yep, all these precious dresses were from Target..I should probably walk away from the kid's clothes section but it sucks me in every time!!! I can't help it... I just put a quick monogram on the dress in the top left, quick, easy, so cute!

So there you have it. If you have any other questions let me know. 

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