Mom on steroids

As most of you know mom started chemo yesterday, 1 down 17 more to was a pretty emotional day...she said the first one is the most emotional, I don't think preparing yourself to be back in the swing of chemo, lab draws, needle pokes, etc. would ever be easy. We had an incredible family filled weekend before she started which was very nice, pampered her with a pedicure and all. I met mom and dad over at Dr. Munoz's office as usual yesterday and when she went back the chemo room was filled with laughter. One of the sweet ladies in the chemo room is hilarious...she is on her 3rd reoccurence of ovarian cancer and some how manages to always have a smile on her face when we see her. My mom actually said to her, "I love that you stay so positive," to which she responded 

"I can wallow in self pity or choose to be happy and I choose to smile. I'm either smilin or cussin and I'm fluent in multiple languages of cussin." 

When she is in the chemo room there is lots of laughter, when I was there one time she was wanting to hand out margaritas for everyone:) So needless to say mom  at least had someone to bring some smiles on such a tough day. Like I talked about here she will be getting chemo for the next 6 months, as part of her premedication she gets a hefty dose of steroids to boost her system and prevent reactions to the chemo and the video below is the aftermath of mom on steroids. (I haven't stopped smiling about it since our dad sent it to us last night at 10 pm, yep you read that right 10 pm)

This is actually the 2nd video he sent us, the first one she was dusting the blinds...she discovered he was videoing at the beginning of this video to send to us obv

This cleaning frenzy in sued until she crashed out at about 4 am and then slept until Chaille woke her up at 1:30 today. We are praying this does not happen again tonight or ever but at least her house is spotless...she even spot cleaned carpet and would have mowed for my dad if it hadn't been dark.

Here is my mom's verse that she has been leaning on:

For I, the Lord your God, will hold your right hand,

Saying to you, ‘Fear not, I will help you.'

Isaiah 41:13

Thank you all who have prayed, checked in with us, and encouraged her already. Specific prayers over the next 6 months:

-That the chemo kills all the cancer cells but leaves her healthy ones alone
-After 6 months she will never have to see a chemo room again
-That she will be able to sleep and not have anymore side effects from the steroids
-That the pain in her arms after chemo stops
-That the nausea subsides and she has no other effects from the chemo
-That her body and all cells are protected from any ill side effects of chemo

Thank you, thank you for the prayers!

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