Mom update

I haven't done a mom update in several weeks so just wanted to thank all my prayer warrior friends for all your support and prayers and to send out some specific prayers. Mom's hair is starting to thin out...this was very hard and emotional for her this weekend. We were hoping that maybe her hair would stay this round but it is looking like it may not. Please be praying for her as I know most of us cannot imagine. Also her blood counts were fantastic today white blood cells (WBC) were 13.6 and her CA125 (the tumor marker) is down to 5:) These are both huge praises. Please be praying that her WBC count recovers after each round of chemo this time (her insurance is no longer covering her booster shot Neupogen) so we need her blood counts to stay high so that she can get each round of chemo and not miss any. (Thank you Obamacare for changing our healthcare in not a good way-end rant). Also pray that her CA125 stays FOREVER low and we NEVER/EVER have to see it rise again or ever see cancer again.....thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts......

4 rounds done....14 to go!
Isabella LOVES her Mimi!!

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