Weekend wrap-up

This weekend was beautiful around here!! It was sunny and in the 70s. Beautiful! This girl was in dire need of some sunshine. We had the most incredibly productive weekend thanks to the gorgeous weather....I got some crafting done and Dennis was a yard workin maniac;)

Friday was super nice I got off work extra early to go pick up this little one....

We ran and did a quick shopping trip with Mimi....then headed for patio dining with dad.

She's liking this big girl Nuk paci now:)

Just getting some daddy snuggles:)

Enjoying the beautiful patin weather with my happy girl...I love how she scrunches her nose:)

Saturday we had a very productive morning...got some shopping done, went for a run, yard work then headed to celebrate E&E turning 1 and headed for some beautiful patio dining with some sweet friends.
Shirts I made for sweet E&E

Oh you don't lounge while napping....

Mommies running buddy....

Isabella was in need of a nap on our way to the bday party so momma hopped in the back seat...I recently discovered she LOVES having her ears rubbed:) Falls asleep everytime!

Kelly did an incredible job for Emery & Everett's party it was all adorable!

Headed out to party!! I looked for a jean jacket for Isabella so we could coordinate better but couldn't find one smaller than 12 months:( But don't worry I had on turquoise accessories!

Sunday we went to church and ran into some sweet friends...dropping Isabella off at the nursery has been harder on mom than her clearly...I sobbed the first time I dropped her off (the poor girl that got her probably thought I was crazy:), this time was slightly easier but secretly the whole service I was hoping her # would pop up on the screen so I could go steal some snuggles...Both times we have picked her up she has been a champ the first time she slept the whole time and this time they had her in one of these, and she was smiling, kicking, and laughing when I got there. Both days I was told she got the best baby award:)...Proud momma right here!!
Absolutely adore this...I pray everyday that the Lord stir her heart toward His...thankful others are praying for her as well Proverbs 22:6

This sweet girl loves to lounge...always crossing her legs.

We might have a slight obsession with footed pajamas...between me and her Mamaw and Gigi I think we are set...over 30 pairs and none on the recall list..yipee..

Enjoying the outside while mommy and daddy get some yard work and crafting done

Someone doesnt care for when the wind blows in her face!

Finally got little misses bows all organized this weekend...my system has been fine until now...things are beginnning to overflow...

Post tomorrow on how I made this bow organizer....so simple and I'm in love!

Projects I got done for Miss Isabella this weekend!

Flowers are planted and front fence is finally stained...

 After 1 1/2 years in our house the sweet hubby finally hung my requested tennis ball!!

Lil bit getting very sleepy last night...our weekend wore her out

And lastly these cauliflower Au Gratin were incredible, served them will dill steamed carrots and flat iron steak...yum!

Hope you had a blessed beautiful weekend! Back to Monday:( Blah!

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