Weekend wrap-up

This weekend was a very nice relaxing one around the McDonald household. It also brought a few firsts for our sweet Isabella.

Friday night we made a quick dinner trip out with Heather and Sasha. Isabella was SO excited.

Wearing her pocket onesie and bow I made.

Bright eyed and Ready to go!

Love this sweet girl more than I could ever have imagined. (PS the bow is a little big...trial and error people...it didn't seem big until I put it on her)

Praying it never happens but if anything ever happens to Dennis and I this is the sweet couple who will be Miss Isabella's guardian. "Honorary parents" if you will. We could not think of a better couple....they truly bless us and we know Isabella would be SO incredibly loved and blessed. There was no hesitation or doubt that it had to be them. 

And we didn't discuss it but I think they would be honorary parents to this little one as well. Her and Rose are BFFs. (photo compliments of Sasha...oldey but goody)

Saturday morning we had a nice slow, lazy day. We lounged in our PJs, did some house work, took a nap, worked out and had dinner with our sweet friends the Ellis'....love, love that we live so close to them...the boys talk hunting and guns while Jen and I discuss all things girlie:)

Oh, ya know just lounging, what I do best!

She recently started biting her lower lip....newest thing for the week.

She has gotten so rolly and wiggly the playmat just isn't big enough anymore.

She was SO excited when she rolled and reached the blocks I had put out.

Working on our sitting up....we are so close...she sits up for at least 15 seconds now.

Nap time with her lovie and paci....

This is how she finally passed out....nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby

Sweet feet

Taking her first sip of water

It was a little cold:)

Enjoying the beautiful sunshine in her swing...she loves to chew on it...

Sunday we went to church and did some more relaxing....it was a perfect, beautiful, redemptive weekend after such a sad week.
SO excited to be headed to church

She has also started reaching for us to pick her up...Swoon....I love it..

Part of the reason I may have been slightly unproductive yesterday...lots of sweet snuggles and naps...

More swing time..

Her first attempt at a sippy cup...she did great...

Creamy Kale & Mushroom chicken pasta was on our menu for dinner....recipe here...delish

And the biggest part of our weekend....Isabella got to try solids for her first time....1st thing up OATMEAL...to say she loved it would be an understatement...I was afraid she'd be that baby we had to convince to like it but nope....I couldn't get it to her fast enough..

"Say what...this oatmeal is delish mom...Why you been holding out on me?"

See bottom left picture....she just wanted to eat the whole thing...shes been doing this for weeks...grabbing at my cup or trying to get our food..this sweet lil bit was redy for some food.

Playtime before bed...

See, how can you be productive when this little one wants to cuddle for an hour...mommy love...

And because watching daddy soothe her to sleep just might be the sweetest thing I've ever seen...LOVE!

I know most people don't really care what we did over the weekend...but one day I'll be glad I kept up with it and it gives me an excuse to put up some of the thousands of pictures I take each week:)


  1. I care what you did! AND, there is nothing more productive than snuggles- so never feel guilty for them!

  2. LOVE all her hair accessories...don't worry you can never have a bow too big! I am going to need to learn how you made these!

    1. Aw thanks...I will definitely post a quick tutorial it was super easy:)

  3. Love all of her little monograms! You can never have too many monogram items... no matter how small you are!