Weekend wrap-up

Friday--we had some fun play time then headed to our favorite sushi place with some friends for dinner. Delish...we stayed up way too late and paid for it Saturday.

"Mom, who is this in this mirror?"
I love that she has the same toys but discovers new things everyday:)

She was SO good...slept then played the whole dinner.

Delicious sushi
Saturday--we had a lazy Saturday morning and were slow to get started...my kind of Saturday. Then ran a few quick errands and went to my parents to celebrate my Grandpa's 78th birthday.
Saturday morning snuggles watching her first Baby Einstein...seriously she was glued....why didn't I think of such a silly show...

Ready to party...my little lip biter

Getting some Mimi love

and some Auntie Hannah love!

1st attempt at bananas

Really?! Come on, its bananas what kid doesn't like bananas...looks like a long road for us:)

Flying with Popi...her favorite

In our coordinated outfits ready for Grandpa's birthday cookout!

Reading time with Noelle and Mimi...She LOVES this new book from her Mamaw. It is so cute!

Sunday---we went to church, enjoyed a nice brunch and had an interview with a new nanny since ours now is no longer going to keep little ones. It's been a stressful week, finding someone to help with your baby might be the hardest thing on the planet....ugh...praying we find the PERFECT match. So thankful to have friends doing it with us. We then had a fun dinner date with these same sweet friends...SO thankful for them...they are the researching king and queen:)

She is such a happy baby....she was especially happy this Sunday.....the sweet girl in the nursery said Isabella makes her want to have another baby:) We think she's pretty incredible.
Daddy love...

Ladies and gentlemen we have a sitter!! Slow down Miss Isabella!

I had to have a talk with Isabella this weekend about her bow obsession. She didn't take it very well but I don't blame her, a girl needs one to match every outfit..desperately trying to get it all organized:)
This baby is on the go...her playmat just isn't quite big enough anymore.

It's fun to watch her think and concentrate on how to reach toys not in her reach! I purposely put them out of her reach and she always gets to them:)

Hope your weekend was a blessed one!

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