6 month must haves

6 month must haves
High chair- I really, really wanted to find a fun antique high chair so that I could paint it white but my hunt was not successful. This high chair is so perfect though, it matches our table perfectly. We have a bar height table in our kitchen nook and once she is a little bigger we can just push it up to the table...perfecto...I would highly recommend getting baby used to the highchair right around 6 months and you can teach them to sit and play there while you eat.

B toys-Ummm....so I might have a slight obsession with all the just B...B you toys...it is my favorite toy aisle at Target...can you have a favorite toy aisle as an adult haha, no, well then it's Isabella's favorite. I think it is the color choices they make but Isabella adores all the ones we have gotten so far.

Swing- Isabealla's mamaw was actually the one that suggested a swing and I'm SO glad she did. Isabella absolutely loves it. I actually wanted this pink one but Dennis chose the teal one. He thought gender neutral was a better choice....I don't see anything wrong with boys in a pink swing;)

Teethease jewelry- I actually got a necklace and these bracelets from a friend before Isabella was born and they have been great this month...She has broken several of my necklaces lately because she loves to pull on them...Love that these are durable and safe for her to chew on.

Footed PJs- We have officially moved on from all swaddling sleepers so we can't seem to get enough footed PJs. I have always loved sweet babies in footed PJs so I might have a slight obsession now:)

Sippy cups- 6 months is a good age to start introducing the sippy cup...babies really don't need water but it gets them used to it, helps them transition to one easier later, and teaches hand-eye coordination. Isabella is great at it and loves it...she actually drinks some and chews some. This has been our favorite...it is nice and soft on the top, similar to a breast or bottle.

Our other 6 month faves include the teethers I talked about here....we don't leave the house without one.

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