What I'm loving Wednesday

1. I'm loving...these current crushes for the little miss. I want to buy them all so far have only gotten a few.
Baby style
2. I'm loving....that we have officially booked our cruise for June!! I am in need of a vacation...I told my hubby I NEEDED one and he said you just had 3 months off. Ha....I know but I really NEED this one...Looking forward to getting 8 whole days off to spend with my sweet family.

3. I'm loving...my sweet friends...The Lord has truly blessed me with the most incredible group of friends. We are currently looking for a nanny with a sweet friend and I cannot even imagine doing it without her. Our current one decided she is no longer going to keep kids so it has been an incredibly emotional, stressful week trying to fill her shoes:( Can't I just stay home and make bows all day!! Sigh...maybe one day!

Happy Wednesday ya'll.
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