Foto Friday

Man, I am SO thankful it is Friday...this week was a crazy busy one and I am very thankful it is over...looking forward to some relaxing and family time this weekend.

Like I said with our weekend wrap up we had a lot of firsts around this house once Isabella turned 6 months....
Holding her own bottle like a big girl for daddy for her first time!
Her first taste of carrots....

Success....she LOVED them!!

Oh ya know just sittin like a big girl...

Love seeing these two...nothing makes my heart happier!

Lots of smiles, play time and giggles!

6 month appt....stats and 6 month post to come soon

Mommy went to her first Kickboxing class in almost a month and Isabella went to the child place for her 1st time...we both survived:) Isabella more so than mommy!

Just sitting up in the bath like a big girl!

Bedtime smiles and playtime

So excited and feel SO incredily blessed to celebrate my first Mother's day this weekend.

Praying for all those who have lost their mommy's, who are longing to be mommy's and those that may be hurting this weekend...thankful to know that we have a Heavenly Father that comforts and restores even when we don't think it is possible.

Happy Friday!!

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