Foto Friday

It was a busy yet uneventful week around here, besides the good news of officially hiring a nanny on Monday. Yay finally, huge weight off our shoulders. She is SO incredibly sweet and I know she will love sweet Isabella and Graham well. Here's a quick recap in our "uneventful" week.

Just contemplating life and swinging!

This girl LOVES her daddy...she gets SO happy, smiles and squeals when she sees him:) Melt my heart

Just hanging out in my cute outfit she got as a gift before she was born:)

This girl can move...if she wants to get somewhere she rolls/scoots/rocks til she gets there.

And what is cuter than a baby crack...haha I was joking with the hubs that she even got his crack...:) Looks like daddy in his scrub pants sometimes:)

Playing with one of her favorite books...I set it down to read a different one and she started to fuss..opinionated already;)

Walk time...our favorite part of the day...enjoyed the beautiful nights at the beginning of this week

Waiting on mommy to heat up her favorite...butternut squash

Sweet baby was asleep, hubby was working late, so mommy was relaxing...if you haven't tried these dark chocolate covered fruits you are missing hubby bought them for me at Kroger in the fruit section of all places but I've heard Costco has huge bags...DANGEROUS!
Whoop and because Amazon is incredible just found them here..the pomegranate and acai are my faves:)

Playing in her room....her new favorite game I say "Yay" and she throws her hands up in the air

"Throw your hands in the air and wave em like you just don't care"

Had a very productive monogramming week...made these cousin matching dresses for Logan and Isabella and the little crab onesie for a friend who needed one for a baby shower. Also made the above paisley onesie...

Waiting for Graham to come over for a playdate.

What are you going to force me to try tonight?

Green beans?!?!

"Ugh mom seriously...what is this stuff?!?!"
Yep its official we gotta convince her to like her green veggies, so she's not orange;)

Mimi's Mother's Day gift finally arrived...only a few days late;) I'm a Canon girl but I think a DSLR would be too much for my mom so we went with this camera for her...a little extra special thank you for being the most incredible mom and Mimi in the world. The one she has now is so awful so we are excited for her to have a good one just in time for our cruise!

Happy, happy Friday ya'll!! I know I am SO thankful its the weekend!!

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