Foto Friday

So this Foto Friday is a little later than usual I got to leave work early and head to the Galleria and have lunch and shop with my sweet mama after her blood work. It was a much needed little afternoon. It was a fun week around here with thankfully not tons to do besides have fun, play and meet up with a few friends.
Just playing and hanging with Mimi...I love when Mamaw and Mimi watch her because I get photos and play by plays of their fave!!

Auntie Hannah got in on the action too:)

A delicious recipe for  a healthy homemade frosty like Wendy's....can't wait to try it my dad who is Ub-sessed with Frostys even gave it a thumbs up....PS did you know Wendy's has a new Frosty waffle cone...I'm dying to try it...

Getting some cousin play time in....

Isabella was not napping in her crib so I decided to play some music through the monitor...she was out within 5 minutes...PS this video and this guys story...incredible

Always reaching for the camera these days!!

Poe-tato, this girl is a tough crowd....picky picky...she eventually eats them after several gags, stank faces, and refusals:)

With her lovey making a late night drive to borrow Mimi's car...while the hubs was being repaired again....most favorite way to spend $1000 on car repairs...NOT!

Sportin her Par-tay onesie from my sweet friend was actually true the night before this she was up at 3 am still no clue why!

Just chewin on my banana no biggie!

Say what?! You want me to eat some more food.... 

Wish I could freeze these moments and make them last a lifetime....

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are grey"
Love this onesie again from nickname growing up and I think it suits her as well:)

Lovin outside swinging time

So while cooking dinner to take to my friend Shanna who just had a baby I decided to almost blow our house up....yep...left the gas stove clue how long just know it started to smell like gas...this momma panicked....we left immediately...locked the dogs outside...returned 1.5 hours later and still smelled....

So I was afraid to turn on lights, the microwave, we had impromptu dinner on the was a gorgeous night....We tried these pouches...I wanted to trial some different foods before our cruise since I doubt my homemade baby food would travel well without a freezer, I found guys Ella's Kitchen is additives, organic, no preservatives.....a lot of the other ones have all these fillers....blah!!

See legit...100% organic apple, thats it!

She did SO good with it...with her usual gags, stank faces and then enjoying it

Stank face... bomb... courtesy of Zoe's booty!

Happy Friday ya'll!!

Hope you have a great weekend planned. Remember while you are cooking out and enjoying friends and family to remember those who are struggling during this time that have lost someone who served for us and remember to thank those that have served!

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