Foto Friday

It was another rather uneventful week around here besides Isabella thinking 3 am was playtime several nights....thankfully she decides to play a bit then falls back asleep but of course it wakes up this momma so I have felt a little more tired this week....

Like I told you just cuddling with her sound machine...if its not the sounds maching its her lovey or wubbanub you see behind her...haha...


3 am part-ay!!

"Hey mom, I know its 3 am just checking to make sure you're awake too:)"

My late night indulgence....these are both a must...Bread and wine...frozen chocolate covered bananas!

Helping mommy do dishes....I'll just chew on this for you!!

She was actually able to successfully drink from this straw...she wanted it so bad so I let her try...crazy girl...not sure she is able to control how much she gets so we won't be moving to a straw just yet but she did great.

Loves playing with mommy's cups

Oh just standing and playing with thes remotes! Love that little tush and tippy toes!

Mmmmm....peas and potatoes!!

Date finally announced for this race....Can't wait to run/walk as a family again this year. Mom will have just finished her 6 months of chemo on Sept 3rd.

Excited about her new Plum food pouches...thanks sweet Ashley for sharing...these are 100% organic like the Ella food with no additives.

Learning to pull to stand......she was So proud of her self...momma was secretly sad but proud.

Big girl can't believe she is almost 7 months.
Came to get her from her nap to find her like this....

Uh oh...I am NOT ready for this...

Happy Friday!!!
We are about to be south bound to visit with some sweet friends...excited to see my sweet friend Kristin!! I can't wait...

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  1. I need to run with your family this year!

    Have fun with Kristin!!!!