Memorial day weekend fun

This weekend the hubs, Isabella and I are hosting a little Memorial day cookout here at our house...I've compiled our list of must haves including a perfect wardrobe for the fam as well as must haves for a day full of food, fun and sun!!

Mr style (here, here), lil mr. (here, here), Mrs style (here, here), lil miss (here)

We may or may not be wearing these outfits and though we don't have a lil boy I hope we one day do because despite what people say I think boys stuff is oh so cute!! I would love to make one quite stylish one day! 

We have friends coming with babies from 5 weeks old to 18 months so here are the must haves for all ages:)
hat, swim diapers, pool, pool toys

These iPlay swim diapers are a must have....they are so great...if I can reduce the amount of "stool in the pool" and amount of junk in our land fills I am on it...I have friends that have recommended these and from personal experience...phenom!! Isabella LOVES this pool and play toys...hours of entertainment...and this hat..adorbs and stays on great. If you are going to the pool this float is a must have....Isabella loves it.

I'm not sure if there is anything cuter than Pottery Barn Kids outdoor fun items...I secretly wish Isabella was bigger so I could justify buying them all:) These are perfect items for toddlers...
We have some friends with the above water table for their toddler and she loves it..
I also love these water and sand tables with umbrellas...cute, cute

And because adults have to have some fun too...these are must haves!!

Can't wait for the weekend...come on Friday!

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