Weekend wrap-up

This is a pretty picture heavy post...it was such a special weekend for us...Hannah donated her hair Friday, we celebrate Mother's Day as a family of 3 on Saturday and got to dedicate Isabella at church on Sunday and celebrate some pretty incredible mommys!!

I left work a little early Friday to meet my mom and Hannah at Salon Rene for Hannah to donate her hair...12 inches...and she looks beautiful...I also got a little pampered and colored my hair for the first time in almost a year and a half:) Eeek....I actually liked my natural color it was just lacking the vavoom of color...I went with the color I had right before our wedding and right before I found out I was pregnant! I love it...it just adds a little fun and life to my hair. Then we had some sweet friends over for dinner and Isabella had some fun playtime with Miss Evalyn.
She looks adorable and SO grown up...a day at the salon is exhausting...actually she almost missed a nap so she was passed out before I even had her buckled in.
Mommy/daughter playtime

Love this little bubble blower...

We had a nice relaxing day...went for a run, played in her new pool, went to Target and sat like a big girl in the cart..she was in heaven...then had a lil family dinner at our new favorite spot in Frisco. I told Dennis something about their patio makes me feel like we are on vacation..haha if only we were;)
She is so used to having bows on her head it didn't phase her when daddy put a sock on her head:)

Crosby girl probs...shoulder straps on dresses are ALWAYS too long:)

If only you could hear the squeals...she was super excited to be picking out a float for the pool:)
Oh and to be able to look around and sit up like a big girl!

I am in LOVE with this new pool we got her and so is she:) She was SO cute...

Our delicious appetizer...makes me feel like we are in Spain again:)

1st time Sitting up in the highchair at a restaurant. She was SO good.

We were blessed to have all of our family join us at church to dedicate our beautiful Isabella. It seriously could not have been a more incredible meaningful Mother's Day for me.

ready to go..

Proud wife/mom moment
Praying over our sweet daughter. Proverbs 22:6-Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it....praying for the Lord to lead us as parents and stir Isabella's heart for His.

Yep I am SO incredibly blessed....
Love our sweet families!
Getting some great papa love...(don't mind the paci ring she had just woken up from sleeping in my arms all service...blessed I tell ya...best Mother's day)

Most incredible, beautiful mommy in the world!
Levi loves cousin "Bella"

My sweet family

Love these girls with all my heart

Auntie Heather

I really wanted to get a pretty sun picture but she slept 2 hours in the afternoon so all I could get was the evening sun that sets out in our front yard...
Her dedication gift from here Mimi...she is redy for her cruise...

Hope you guys had an incredible, blessed weekend. Know that those of you that this weekend was a hard one for you, that you were heavy on my heart and I prayed relentlessly for you.

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