Weekend wrap-up


Was Mamaw's birthday so we made a video and did a quick photo op...no smiles except for when I was videoing...this super smiley girl cracks me up because when we really want one she holds out haha..Mamaw got to go to dinner with a friend and get pampered with a massage so Auntie Hannah helped out with Isabella and they both did great. My sweet friend Shanna came over and I helped Kevin do a quick newborn session of her precious new little girl...Brynley..she was about as excited as Isabella was for them:)
Sweet Auntie Hannah...

Happy Birthday mamaw!!

This is how my little one falls asleep sometimes...she fights it...I think because she is like her mama and hates to miss the party...I took this pic as well as a video of her crying then 1.2 seconds later being sound asleep for a friend who has a new baby that fusses when she is tired...I secretly like that Isabella gets fussy because I know without a doubt when she is ready for sleep...


I went and did sports physicals for Highland Park from 8-4. I missed my sweet baby but she was well taken care of by her daddy and Auntie Hannah. Saturday night I was rather exhausted so we had a lazy night and Isabella was ready for bed by 7:30. PS apparently the style is oversized t-shirts, Nike shorts and $7 Jesus shoes...and every single one of them had an iPhone...goodness...

This was my Saturday...among the 14ish NPs and doctors we did 877 sports physicals...
man was I exhausted.

Been trying to catch her sitting up from laying down on video for days and I miss it every time...caught it on camera though when she woke up

Don't mind that she has on the same onesie as the day before here...that's what happens when daddy gets home and thinks the outfit you put on is too difficult...haha he sent me this pic and I asked if she pooped in her outfit...his response.."No, the other outfit is horrible for diaper changes"...so there you have it, dirty onesie seems like the better option...mind you there are 100s of clean ones right there...but at least she was fed and super happy far more important...

Mom's Isabella's favorite toy aisle at Target..I think we will eventually own all of these B you toys

PS abeautifulmess is all the new rage app on instagram...you can put cute words/designs on your pics...wish I had the skill to develop something like this I bet they are doing well....#bandwagon...took days for my iPhone to have enough memory to download it...need new/bigger iPhone or just need to delete pictures...which I'm having anxiety doing, though they are saved and uploaded...ok end rant. It doesn't really do much more than the other apps that I love like Phonto and Diptic but the fonts and shapes are super fun.

Trying out her new duck bathtub...love it...It is the perfect size for her right now and will be going on the cruise with us so she doesn't have to be in the nasty bathtub...


Sunday was super busy we made it to church...went to Mimi and Popi's house to celebrate Kevin's birthday, then had small group....busy but perfect way to end the weekend..
This lil bit usually hates green beans but I fed them to her whole rather than pureed and she ate 7 of them...yipee:)

I even tried a few slices of bananas...yep she still doesn't like them..she ate a couple little bites

Sure was fun to play though..

This is how she slept for 45 min while in small group...holding onto mommy's necklace...she LOVES my necklaces you should see her reaction when she is watching me get ready and I am putting on my necklace...sheer excitement...it is SO cute...lil fashionista in the making..or just loves to pull/chew on them
OOTD....baby romper (Zulily), handmade headband....me: black maxi (similar) and necklace (Very Jane)
If you have kids or like great deals...you definitely need to get on Zulily and Very Jane...just a warning they can be dangerous.
My lil chubby cheeks enjoying the beautiful weather...we love to swing while daddy grills!!

So thankful for sweet, patient doggies..they are going to be best friends I can see it..

Love this sweet potato face...she wasn't a fan of it mixed with avocado so I think she held a bite in her mouth because I promise I had just wiped her face.

Dixie didn't mind she went in for a kiss and cleaned it off..

Mom what's this crazy haired dog doing?

Squeals...this girl gets more and more vocal by the day...her daddy and I love it....we carry on conversations with her like we know what she is talking about;)

Camera lens=hours of entertainment (ok maybe not hours but a while)

I'm ready to crawl momma...

Hope ya'll had a great, relaxing weekend...boo for Monday...I have come to dread them everytime!


  1. Okay, several things...1. Payton had that ducky bathtub and I loved it! We'll be getting one for Grey someday! 2. You found a small group, yay! 3. Dennis and Jared have similar daddy styles, ha! & 4. She is such a big girl now!

    1. 1. Yes the tub is a must have 2. Yes we are loving it 3. haha yes they do...no shocker;) 4. thanks it is going to fast