Weekend Wrap-up

Man it was a wonderful 4 day weekend around here...made me miss those first few months when I returned from maternity leave and had Mondays off...oh to have that back...hope you had a wonderful blessed weekend, and thanked and loved on those that have served for us and prayed for and encouraged those who have lost someone that once served. I work with a lot of foreign doctors during their fellowship and they have really taught me how incredible it is here in the US and what a blessing our freedom is..

Word of warning this is a long, picture heavy post...in my defense it was a 4 day weekend and my friends have some adorable kiddos I had to share..

We had a nice relaxing night...cheered on the Rangers....mommy cooked her favorite...manicotti...which I realize in 2 years of marriage I have never made for my husband...delish...I'll have to share my mom's recipe one day.

go rangers...

loving my parum pum pum drum....here...a B toy must have


We started our morning out with a beautiful run....I have the best running buddies....

Then we had time to cook, relax, sew a little before our friends arrived for our cook out...
We had a fun Memorial Day theme we did a burger bar similar to here...I forgot to get pics in the hussle of the fun:)
Yummy festive snacks...

Super easy layered pound cake parfait...
First layer...cool whip (I use light)
Then layer strawberrys followed by blueberries...
Next layer I use Sarah Lee Pound cake (found in frozen section of most grocery stores or even my go to..Target)
 (you can use angel food cake here but I find that the pound cake holds up better and adds a little thicker texture...mmmm)
Top with more cool whip and decorate the top:)

My adorable, festive girl

Ready for the party to arrive....

We were ready...the weather cooperated for a while then we headed inside.... Party/pool details here

Party favors....

Graham hammin it up

She was ready...

Rosalie and beautiful mommy Alissa

Daddy and Rosalie
Graham..having a blast...."Blue lips, don't care"

Sweet Carter in the baby pool
In her festive attire....onesie made by mommy (applique here), headband made by mommy-super duper easy

Adorable Wyatt...

He looked SO grown up and handsome in this shirt!

Auntie Ashley and Isabella!

Sweet baby Grey joined the party...the newest addition

Rosalie and that tongue:)

They are going to be future BF/GF...you should see sweet Cooper's eyes...to die for..


"who you calling a diva?"

"hey man that's my block"

Proof that fun was had by all....

My baby was extra, extra cuddly this weekend...I did not complain...she slept while mommy cleaned and vacuumed...

Sunday....we recovered from a late Saturday night...mostly daddy recovered;) Then we headed to the park with our small group and enjoyed some sun....
Isabella's first time really in the sun...we didn't stay in it long...I was worried about her sensitive skin but she did great with the Babyganics sunscreen I talked about here
Love this sweet dress...

More extra cuddles from my already cuddly baby...please never outgrow this!!

Monday....daddy finally got his shed installed I got him for our anniversary...he was giddy like a little kid...then we headed down to the pool with some sweet friends and came back to cook out...perfect Memorial Day.

Adorable Graham loving the pool...

So thankful for sweet friends and babies....

Adorable Rosalie..our girls that were afraid of the water Saturday loved it Monday:) Yippee

This girl seriously has the BEST hair!!

Kisses from friends...Rosalie is a champ already eyes closed, tongue out...you better watch out Matt...

This sweet girl LOVED the pool and her new float...first pool trip:) Many more to come...so glad she got over the water fear in less than a week since we have t-18 days until cruise time...

Rosalie loved it too..

Mommy and son

Working on our water fear....she loves shower time with mommy like this:)

Just working on my tan...

Daddy giddy of the shed install:)

Mommy...."mommy-ified" her closet this weekend...6 months later maternity clothes are away and the not so mommy clothes are headed to Goodwill.

This girl LOVES her lovey and cuddles with her sound machine...I'm thinking its time to get her a legit stuffed animal I'm thinking one of these...they are all so cute, I've been debating for months on one even took votes from my sis, I'm thinking maybe Suzette the fox...what do you think?

little festive Rangers fan..

Headed to the pool

Best buddies

Happy Tuesday.... 
that means Friday will be here soon and I get to see my bestie Kristin on Friday...yay we can't wait!!


  1. Sweet Isabella looks adorable in her festive outfits and heart shape sunglasses :)

    The layered pound cake parfait looks DELICIOUS
    I will be making it ,no doubt about that !
    I never knew it was so easy to make!!

    Suzette the fox is oh so cute with the skirt and necklace. its made in Peru! What a neat first stuffed animal

    1. Thanks so much..

      Yes you must try the parfait...so delish and SO easy!!

      I'm glad you like Suzette I'm thinking I'll be ordering her soon:)