7 months

Oh my goodness sweet Isabella I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that you are 7 months old. This has truly been the best 7 months of my life. I think I give you a zillion hugs and kisses everyday and tell you how much I love you a zillion more. You are SO truly loved. I have to soak up the hugs and kisses while I can...though I hope you never refuse them...hugs from your Mimi are still some of my favorites.

You continue to grow and change so much I feel like I can't keep up these days. You are so expressionate and interactive...It's so cute because one of your babbles sounds like you are saying "Hi" ALL the time so your daddy and I just say hi back. Be still my heart...We went on a little road trip to Houston and you were incredible...did not fuss at all while in the car....slept and napped great in the pack n play and decided to show off for your Auntie Kristin and crawl...there might have been tears....we are sappy parents:) It was so sweet and out of no where. You were going for mommy's wine glass...I see a wine lover in your future like your mommy.

You eat every 3-4 hours...we are slowly spacing your bottles/breastfeeding as you tolerate it now that we are doing more solids. You take (2) 5oz bottles while mommy is working so your schedule goes about like this...5:00 am (nurse), 9:00 (bottle + solid), 12:00 (bottle), 3:00 (nurse), 6:00 (Nurse then solid). You get solids morning and evening on most days...sometimes when you are with the nanny I just give it to you in the afternoons on Tues-Thur. You like almost any food I give you now...yay...it is so true that if your child doesn't like it the first time they will usually by the 2nd or 3rd. You still gag and make funny faces a little sometimes but then you want more and finish the whole thing...I love this time because you are so expressionate.

There was a week and a half that you were absolutely terrified of water....you would scream and cry anytime I put you in the bath tub or tried to put you in your little pool that you usually loved. Mommy would have to crawl in the bath with you and you would cling to me. In those moments my eyes would be filled with tears over the responsibilty as a parent to help you feel safe and protected but knowing that I ultimately can't save you and protect you from everything in this crazy world...rips my heart out to think of anything every happening to you...I know my heart will break with you the first time you are sad, after your first break up, and first big dissappointment..mommy is not ready for that....I soaked in those clinging moments knowing at that momemt you needed me....Oh Lord...thank you for choosing me for this....for blessing me with this most incredible oppurtunity. I pray everyday for the role/decisions I make as your mommy.

Your are about the same this month with your naps. You take 3 naps....9:45-11ish, 12:30-2:30, 5-5:45. Your bed time is usually about 8-8:30...when you are happy and playing I hate that I have to put you to bed but I know that it is the best for you. It is so sweet how you can go from full on playing and as soon as we get in your room and I begin to rock you, those little eyes begin to roll into the back of your head and you are out within 2.5 seconds. You are so cute now too...when I sing you grab my mouth and play with my lips,with your eyes closed, half asleep...I am going to believe its because you love my singing not that you are secretly telling me to be quiet;)

Likes: after your 1.5 weeks of water fear you now LOVE it again...you love bath time and pool time...yay...You like almost all your foods now: Sweet potatoes, butternut squash, mango, peas, green beans, avocado, bananas (prob your least favorite), peaches, apples. You love your Parum, pum, pum drum, anything that rattles.

Dislikes: still the same when you are playing and you get tired...only time you fuss ever...when you can't see mommy or daddy (your seperation anxiety is increased for mommy, I secretly love it but sometimes I can't get things done because you want me to hold you...ie. when we were trying to pack and get out of town you wanted nothing to do with anything unless I held you)

When you get excited those arms and legs go crazy....swoon!!

Love my sweet bald, chubby cheek girl!!

Weight: 14 lbs 8 oz (13%ile)
Height: 25.75 inches ( 25% ile)
Head: 16.5 (25%ile)

Diaper count:  1745 (Size 2)
Wipes packages: 38
Diaper genie refills: 8

Longest stretch of sleep: 11 hrs 13 min
Shoe size: Size 1
Clothes size: 3 months, 3-6 months

Eating every 3-4 hours, taking 5 ounce bottles, solids after morning bottle and after last feeding

Milestones: can easily find pacifier in the dark and put it in your mouth, standing with supporting, pulling up to your knees, crawling!!!

Shots today: None...yipee!!

1 Peter 3:3-4
It is not fancy hair, gold jewelry, or fine clothes that make you beautiful. No, your beauty should come from within you-the beautyf of a gentle and quite spirit. This beauty will never fade, and it is worth very much to God.

Happy 7 months beautiful girl!!

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  1. Oh goodness, this means she's closer to being a whole one year old!!! Happy 7 mo. sweet Isabella! You are a cutie!!!