Father's day

Sorry I'm not sorry for my bloggy hiatus....we have been cruising and enjoying some beautiful family time...sun...relaxation and way too much food. Since I haven't had time to upload pics and get a post ready I thought I would share pics of our quick Father's day. We were without social media for 8 whole, beautiful days and it was so nice to just disconnect a bit.

This Father's day was a surreal one for us...like I shared on Facebook, holidays I have learned can be so different for some people and I never want to be insensitive to people that struggle during the holidays. For some...they have never had an earthly father worth calling a father, have lost their father like Dennis' has or are longing to be a father themselves and are struggling with infertility. I know people in all of these situations. We are thankful that Joe is with our perfect Heavenly Father but our hearts ache that he is not here with us. I hope no matter which circumstance you find yourself in you are reminded of the most perfect Heavenly Father you have.

It was so incredible to celebrate Dennis this Father's day...his love for Isabella has me falling in love with him over and over again.  She is most defintiely going to be a daddy's girl...he can get more smiles and giggles out of her than anyone else. He loves and adores her and she the same.

She was trying to go in for a kiss

Sweet giggles

There were tears! Love!!

"Two peas in a pod"

His dad's "stache"

Book I made from Isabella

We love you daddy!

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