Foto Friday

It was a nice, relaxing week around here, as relaxing as working can be. It's so true that the work of a mommy is never done especially a working mom, as soon as I get home from work there is dinner to be made, bottles to be cleaned, laundry to be done but my most favorite part is lots of playtime and fun. Our little bundle of joy turned 7 months on Monday and I am still baffled by it. I swear it feels like time just speeds by....trying to savor every minute.

7 months of pure joy

Our new nanny sent us this sweet picture of Isabella and her BF Graham...everyone commented on how they look like siblings here and I have to agree:) It's Isabella's bald head;)

Sweet lil bit loving playing with her empty Ella's apple pouch...

Tippy toes....oh be still my heart...I am SO in love!

What's for dinner mom?

Oh not bananas again!!

These are the faces to begin then she eats them all:)
Sweet girl playing with my mouth and face like I mentioned she does....I love it...
Our notes from our new nanny....we are loving sweet and so in love with our babies!

I will never tire of watching her of my favorite things

Remember that time I told you she loved to cuddle her sound machine...Exhibit A

Exhibit that sweet mouth...she was out..looks so uncomfortable...she has her wubba nub, lovey and sound machine:)

Sweet girl is battling allergies...they have worsened over the last 3 days:(

Poor red puffy eyes....

Nothing worse than seeing your lil one not feel well!!

Oh but runny nose and all I'm still so cute....

Hope you guys have a fun weekend planned...we will be doing some pool lounging, packing T-8 days til we be vacationing it....and spending sometime with friends.


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