Foto Friday

Sweet girl getting close to pulling all the way up

Got to keep my beautiful momma company this week in chemo...half way done!

Playtime fun...I really need to start using my good camera more and iPhone less

Went to cousin Noelle's ballet recital..of course Isabella did great until Noelle's dance..

Love these beautiful girls...missed our Heather though.

Look at me mom...I'm getting so big..slow down time!

Cutie pie ready for dinner

Daddy put her to sleep for only the 2nd was a success:)

I think we are officially stocked up on organic baby food and ready for our trip...#mayhavegonealittlecrazy

Finished all my sewing projects for the beach mat....and dress/onesies for the lil miss

And because I am pretty sure there is nothing cuter than baby rolls....

She was eyeing this which she never liked as a baby so I put her in it....

And then like a big girl just climbed right out when she was bored.

I cannot even begin to tell  you how thankful I am that it is has been one of those weeks...and now I get 10 whole days off work to spend with my sweet family...on the beach...sippin some pina coladas..yipee....


  1. You can never get enough of those pouches! I love them! I wish Pierce still did! Isabella is the best dressed baby sweetheart ever! I am so happy and excited for you and your family's trip!

    1. I agree Lauren...she ate almost all of them on the trip:) Thanks you so much!