8 month baby must haves

8 month must haves

1. Wall outlet:  so yep lil pumpkin has discovered outlets, cords, etc....thankfully in our house most outlets are covered and we have kid safety outlets but this paranoid momma likes these for the super easily accessible outlets

2. Zany Zoo toy: this toy is an absolute must once your little one can pull to stand...it is perfect...it is heavy enough that it doesn't tip over when they pull up...has different activities on all 4 sides and on top...definitely perfect for this stage and a toy she can grow into!!

3. Reusable pouches: these reusable pouches are so nice and convenient to throw your baby food in for on the go...they are reusable, easily seal, super easy to clean and quite adorable I might add!

4. Munchkin teethers: these things are life savers....she absolutely loves them....her favorites inside so far...frozen bananas or peaches!! A little messy to clean but I've learned turning them inside out, using your bottle brush and drying them on your adorable grass drier...perfect!

5. Cheerios: my little munchkin prefers plain cheerios over her puffs...she is definitely learning to enjoy these organic Happy Puffs...we were on a cruise without the multigrain cheerios when I decided to try them since they were available but at home we like these Cheerios.

6. Motrin: starting at 6 months baby's liver is mature enough for it....with teething especially Motrin is a life saver....has worked wonders for us. I hate to give medicine when not necessary but when my baby is hurting mommy will do anything to make it better. Always ask your pediatrician before giving any medication. 

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