8 months

Oh Miss Isabella...you are the peanut butter to my jelly, the oomph to my step, the icing to my cake, the joy to my day, the vanilla to my diet coke and oh so, so much more....you have completely stolen our hearts....with your arrival you have brought so much joy and so much fear...another post on that one another day....I cannot tell you enough how many times a day we get compliments on you...people have warned me that our next kids are going to be a handful because you are SO sweet....I hear on a regular basis "Is she always this good?" "Does she always giggle and smile this much?" "Oh my goodness those eyes!" Makes mommy's heart smile....you definitely fuss when you are ready to sleep but other than that you have been fantastic...you were quite a handful though until you were about 3 months I blame mostly on your poor reflux, you were quite miserable....we officially weaned you off your Prevacid though yippee!! You seem to be SO great without it now that you are so much stronger....there was only one day that I saw you maybe reflux and frown a bit but we are watching you closely!!

Your naps are changing this month, you are sleeping now until 8:30-9 opposed to 7 am. You wake between 6:30-7 and play a few minutes then fall back to sleep. Because of this you are now starting to skipish your morning nap sometimes. I feel like we had such a good routine down and every time that happens something changes;) We are trying to figure out your new routine but it looks like it is going to be
9 am: awake
9:30-nurse/bottle + baby food
12:30-bottle + baby food
6:00-nurse/baby food
8:30-bath time/bed time routine

You said "Dada" your first word...technically your first word?!...I say no secretly because I want it to be "mama." Haha but you definitely say it and I am most definitely sure you know exactly who your dada is...when I say "daddy" you always look for him and he still will get a smile and giggle out of you anytime he talks to you. It is SO cute...You adore your daddy...and he you!! If daddy is near and not paying attention you talk to him until he looks at you!! Makes my hear swell!!!

You got your first tooth this month, the right lower tooth (June 23rd the last day of our cruise to be exact), the week we were on our cruise you were wanting to chew on everything, needed your paci a little more while awake and woke up more at night which mommy blamed on being in the same room as us but come to find out you were working on your first tooth the whole time...Mommy was also very sensitive to those around us and didn't want you to wake people up or disturb them so you got your paci a little more which you love to chew on sometimes too...so thankful you have your first tooth and we can check that off the books...pretty sure you are working for tooth #2...the left lower tooth.

You are pulling up on any and everything these days and are a crawling maniac....you have your momma's energy and are most definitely going to be SO social. When we are out and about if people smile at you, you stare, talk and smile at them. If we are with other little kids you giggle and talk to them like you are playing....swoon...makes my heart melt...you are most definitely your mom's daughter:) You may look like daddy but have mommy's personality...

Likes: pretty much any and all food....you love to chew on big people finger foods....mom let you have your first Cheerio and you loved it even more than baby puffs...being cuddled, your lovie from Auntie Ashley London (I think I might need to buy a backup), your sound machine (you find the buttons and turn it on), pulling up to stand (you are so proud of yourself when you do), playing Peek-A-Boo, being tickled, when we copy your noises..you giggle so much, and being the center of attention

Dislikes: the same, when you are sleepy...you are going to be super social like your momma and hate to miss out on the party (your cry right before you fall asleep when I hold you it is oh so sweet), getting your diaper changed (ain't nobody got time for that)...I have to give you something to play with otherwise you would prefer to do flips...

Photo sessions are getting a little more difficult these days haha you are SO active it is quite entertaining....you do gymnastics moves even while trying to nurse....

Weight: 14 lbs 9 oz (10%ile)
Height: 26.5 inches ( 25%ile)
Head: 16.5 (18 %ile)

Diaper count: 1930 (Size 2)
Wipes packages: 42
Diaper genie refills: 7

Longest stretch of sleep: 12 hrs 13 min
Shoe size: Size 1
Clothes size: 3 months, 3-6 months, some 6-9 months

Eating every 3-4 hours, eating solids ~4-6oz at breakfast, lunch and dinner. (2-5oz bottles while mommy works)

Milestones: crawling, crawling, crawling!!! Pulling up to stand. 1st tooth, said "Dada"

Shots today: None...yipee!!

Happy 8 months lil Isabella!!

Truly children are a gift from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward..Psalms 127:3

And because I think the out takes might be my most favorite I give you.....

Out takes:

And my most favorite face because of the excitement behind the noises she makes with it:)

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