Belize was stop #2 for us. My sweet parents offered to stay back and watch Isabella so we could go tubing through the Crystal Caves. We were in the water most of the time so we didn't take a camera and didn't find a water proof one when we got off the sad because the caves were beautiful...

On our way!!

Yes he is over a foot taller than me;)

Love these girls with all my heart

Our bus had to make it up this crazy hill...I'm guessing it goes through tons of brakes!

Post tubing...we are looking a little tired...

The caves were so sad we didn't have a camera I did find the image below just to give you an idea
Caves image <via>

The tour guides in Honduras and Belize thanked us over and over again for visiting...they said Tourism there is how they survive and make money. Very poor areas that we drove of our surgeons does tons of mission work in Belize...hoping to one day join him.

If you can't choose...just get one of each!! Advice from one of our doctors regarding drinks and food....

This girl was easy to entertain..

Dennis' snails...eeek

My incredible eggplant...delish!

Our waiter loved mom...she was chosen to dance multiple nights...she rocked it...

Entertaining herself in the mirror

Family photo shoot

Spirit hands

Our spirit hands turned out to look like "Sic em bears" totally appropriate:)

So thankful for them!

I hope I'm as spunky as my grandma at 74!!

My lil gymnast...she is all over the place

Next stop...Cozumel!!

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