Foto Friday

It was a pretty fun week around here besides having to send our sweet Hannah off to Costa Rica for a month and daddy off for 5 days...sad for us, incredible for them obviously. Hannah is going to have a blast and I am secretly very jealous. I got to eat sushi at my favorite sushi place twice this week once with my bestie to celebrate my birthday a little late and once with my sweet small group girls....this place is sushi ever. The hubs headed out of town for a much needed fun fly fishing trip in Colorado with his best friend Matt and brother Eric. So excited for them....he doesn't have cell phone access....guys I'm telling you, I never realized how much I texted/called him everyday makes me miss him so much more that I can't text him at all....I usually send him pics of Isabella while he's working, check on his day, ask him 100 too many questions, ya know lots...can't do any of it...kinda strange...we will be excited once we can see/talk to him again on Sunday...we have a fun weekend planned my whole family...12 cousins (10 girls, 2 boys), aunts, uncles, and grandma are all headed in for some family time. 
Hannah's travel stuff, scarf, sanitizer, journalsShopping with Hannah..."Yes mom I'll take these shoes and shorts!" These shorts seem huge for 6-9 months but bought them honestly because we had to have the belt:)
My delicious bithday cupcakes from Jaimee...perfect cheat dessert....delish!

Saying bye to daddy...even Isabella looks sad...

My sweet card my husband left for me when he perfect for us!!

This is our new attempts at outfit still my heart!!

1st taste of chicken she is going to love it like her momma:)

Busy girl ready for bed!

Her beach tote and towel finally arrived after the forever long backorder....guess better late than never...I have been obsessed with these forever:) So excited about them..

This girl loves to stand....

Picture her nanny sent of her standing at the Ellis's house..

My teething buddy at our second Sushi date for the week...
Will do anything for keys and remotes....why is it that no amount of fake keys and remotes will entertain kids as much as the real thing!! It's just SO true...

Happy Friday yall!! Have a blessed weekend...I know I am looking forward to some time off and fam time!

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