Foto Friday

I have so many blog posts up in my head and zilch time to produce of the doctors asked me today if I was still getting to work out (since he knows I like to, after complimenting me on my weight after baby- I say that so you don't think he was being a jerk:), his exact comment your crazy schedule with working, enjoying your family, being a mommy, are you ever able to find time....and the truth is not often plus as a working mommy the last thing I want to do is take my daughter to a gym daycare and be away from her yet again...another post on this subject later...but with that said I get excited when I make it to the gym once a week or get to go for a run with the lil miss..... point is life has been crazy!!!! I told Dennis for the first time this week I was feeling overextended. Not sure those words have ever come out of my mouth...but I am feeling much better....things that needed to be done have been and I have found time to rest...looking forward to a nice weekend..

The week was full of more fun with my lil one....
Chewing on her when Mimi sends me picture updates...

Rain and cooler weather this week called for leopard, leg warmers and long naps....

Have I ever told you that my husband could seriously be a chef..well he could be...this meal....amazing...I am so thankful that he shares in the cooking with making Isabella's food, laundry, etc it is nice to have a few nights off for dinner:) Plus he's better than me;)

Playing her favorite, well only iPad game her daddy bought her

Daddy/daughter moments...makes my heart swoon

This girl loves to chug her is quite hilarious

Finally was able to capture a picture of her 1st tooth and you can see the second one almost there that we have been dealing with all week.....

"I don't think you're ready for this jelly, I don't think you're ready for this body's too bootylicious for ya baby" haha sorry saw her jellys and this is what came to me

She will do anything to get to a remote or iPhone

She always has her feet tucked and favorite

Baby shower decorating is in full swing around here

Moustache or no moustache? that was the question

Oh just reading, snacking and shopping...girl knows whats up....I'm serious her excitement when she sees these pouches is out of control...I cannot buy them without her thinking she has to have one now!

Climbing to get her favorite book....

Her first Tiny Toms arrived.....OMG!!

Another absolute dinner fave around here...cauliflower pizza...recipe coming soon....

This girl is getting braver by the day

And thats a wrap in phone pics....have a happy blessed weekend!!
Laugh a little more, tell those you love how much you love them, and be thankful for every beautiful/healthy day you have! I know I will be:)

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