Weekend Wrap-up

We had a great relaxing weekend with more sun and fun. Friday night we had a fun pool date and cook out with my family to celebrate the big 3-1...ahhh..can I really be that old. Something about the odd #s have been hard for me ever since 27. Eek.... then both our parties got cancelled for Saturday so we had an impromptu pool date and cook out with some sweet friends. Sunday we went to church ran home and had burgers while the little munchkin napped then headed to small group and out to a quick dinner...

Isabella and Aunt Heather

She LOVES the water and lounging in her float

We had a fajita/Mexican theme that was delish...I made my peach sangria...recipe here...I definitely recommend always using a Riesling wine on this...makes the perfect sweetness...I made it with Moscato recently and did not enjoy it as much as usual.

Loving her newest toy

Love that sweet smile!

Fajita bar
Have I mentioned how good of a cook my husband is...he was pretty much 85% responsible for this spread:)

Wish it wasn't 100+ degrees here in Texas and we could have enjoyed patio dining but man its hot!!

We played a fun card game and sweet Hannah threw down this hand and claimed "I think, I won"
PS the cards had just been dealt and yes we all laughed apparently suites are important haha...

Lovin the pool


Saturday morning...Isabella decided she was going to sleep til 9, say what?! I'm hoping this is a new trend since she did it again Sunday.....
Started out with breakfast of champs....juice of carrots, celery, kale, and apple and some iced coffee to top it off...

She wants to eat anything/everything I have...whole bananas are much more her thing than mushy ones

Like I said wants to try everything..mixed reviews on the juice haha....

Ready for pool time with some friends

Loving my new head wrap from my sissy

More pool time

Loving my new ring holder from Hannah...already gotten great use...

Sunday....had some quick iced coffee...great church service....grilled some burgers while the cutie napped....got a great nap myself...headed to small group then enjoyed a great dinner as a family
Iced coffee Sunday

Loving her knee pads from Mimi

She loved, loved the fresh avocado with a few bites of black beans

I have our Belize and Cozumel recaps coming for you in the next couple of days....stay tuned!

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  1. Sweet beautiful bright eyed baby girl and beautiful Mama!