Weekend wrap-up

What a wonderful busy, full, crazy weekend....the hubs was gone all weekend, since Wednesday actually, in the mountains of Colorado fly fishing...poor guy right!! Our whole big Crosby fam came into town. It was such a fun family weekend...11 cousins (2 boys, 9 girls) with 4 husbands, 3 wives, 5 great grandchildren, 1 grandma, 3 aunts, 2 uncles...sound complicated..basically that equates to 29 crazy, fun people.

Friday...we all met at our house as people arrived then headed down for some fun pool time and came back and devoured 2 lasagnas, 1 crockpot of spagetti, and tons of salad and desserts...why does swimming work up such an appetite...and there aren't many boys but they can eat!!
See....worn out....in her cute romper from her Mamaw and Gigi
Haha...chuggin...this girl loves her sippy cup and water!

My dad asked my mom to bring him some flip flops....typical DeeAnn:)

Proof that Holt was at our house. He ALWAYS lays down all our media chairs!

Sweet cheeks...her nickname from her auntie Chaille

Sweet Logan in her adorable strawberry swimsuit
Loves her pool time!!

Cute baby booty

Saturday: we headed to the 'rents for a big lunch, slip n slide, hang out party to celebrate our last cousin Jonathon graduating high school and heading to college.
Been hanging around too many boys lately...loving her some cars.

Celebrating Jonathon...the last cousin to head off to college

Crosby loving him some cookie cake

Adorable Logibear

This lil teether had a rough time going down for this nap for the first time in her life but slept for 3 hours

Dragging Jonathon onto the slip in slide

Fun times had by all...no I did not participate in this shinanigans...too worried I'd break a bone;)

Isabella and Bethie...I remember holding Beth when she was isabella's age

She loves her Auntie Heather

The whole group..minus Dennis, Hannah, and Isabella

Teething on some nice cold watermelon

Twinkies....with her stank face

Family fun

More teething...oh come through already!!

So adorable

Sunday....it was crazy cool, rainy day but we decided to head to McKinney trade days to do some antique shopping anyways. We all found a few great finds so I would say it was a success...headed to Mooyah burger to get dad his burger fix before everyone headed home

Who you calling "Aunt Jemima"

Playing with Crosby

She loves her some Popi time

Trooper even in the rain

Logan in her cute dress I made her...Isabella has a  matching one...they have all the same clothes but we never coordinated our days right!!

Cousins with our babies

Zoe was worn out and depressed because Rose her playmate left...just sleeping on Dixie's bed haha

Hey mom

Just waiting on daddy to arrive home after small group...

Hope you had a fun weekend...we didn't sleep last night...dang teething...so I'm hoping for a nice nap in this cool, rainy weather we are having...