Weekend-wrap up

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. I know I've said this before but as a working mom I live for the weekends...I try to soak up and savor EVERY minute I have

Friday...I left work a little early because Gigi was in the hospital so Mimi watched Isabella instead of Mamaw and she was needing to get home since Grandma Irene was coming in town and they were headed to watch Johnny play baseball...thank you sweet friends for your prayers Gigi got to go home Friday and says she is feeling much better which she always says...

So then I headed to Jayme's house whom I love dearly and has been the best/sweetest cake making partner....once again the cake turned out perfect....our little ones got a little playtime before Cooper headed to nap
Check out his baby blues...incredible....future BF/GF I can see it:) Isabella already has her eye on him.

Trading toys..Isabella isn't so sure about him having her beloved banana:)

Cooper did great at looking at me...Isabella was too busy chewing her banana!!

Dennis and I headed to our favorite little mexican restaurant for a quick dinner and Isabella was Miss Social as usual....smiling at everyone and talking to everyone. This girl turns upside down just to see the people behind her...hard to explain to a 8 month old that staring is not okay...I'm sure that conversation will be had one day...I uploaded a cute video of her chugging her water to Instagram...I was actually trying to catch her talking and dancing but man I swear trying to catch things on video is near impossible sometimes....

 Just lounging with her hands behind her head one of her newest fave sleeping positions if she's
not curled up in the fetal position:)

Saturday...we had fun Bowtie/Moustache theme baby shower for soon to be Baby Stroh...another post with more pics to come soon....but here is a sneak peek...Dennis and Isabella hid out in the media room and both did great....

In our matching blue!!

Oh just dancing and playing music

Prepping at its finest...

Quick sneak peak of some of the details...

Isabella took quite a long nap...we were going to head to the pool but got some rain so we decided on a nice lazy Saturday night in instead.

Sunday...sweet Isabella slept in until 8:30 so we missed 9 o'clock service so we got to have a nice lazy morning lounging in our PJs in bed (one of my most favorite Sunday traditions) then headed to the 11 o'clock church service. Our pastor was preaching out of Psalms 19...it was perfect and really convicting on spending more diligent time in the word.
sweet lil smirk... in our matching outfits
Oh this girl loves to play with cars and balls at small group, and a plain diaper is always fun!

OOTD: hairbow (Bugs and Honey)///Top///shorts///shoes (sold out)
 Isabella seriously has so many clothes she rarely wears any more than once...this is not just my fault but her Mamaw's and friends as well...but I just can't seem to get enough of this sweet girl in this outfit....this might be one of my favorite sweet bows...love it by Bugs and Honey

Oh Monday...I was not ready to see you yet!!

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  1. So glad your weekend turned out relaxing and you got some QT time with the fam! Love y'all!