Weekend Wrap-up

Hope you guys had an incredible weekend....after the hubs worked 1 billion too many hours this week and some how survived on 24 hours of sleep all week we were looking forward to some R&R. Friday night the hubs was STILL working so we had dinner night at the Sneed's thanks to sweet Matt for taking care of the ladies and Graham of course...

These girls are going to be BFFs
My big blue eyed girl

Graham playing with the "bubbas"

Matt helping Graham with his smores.

Saturday...we were up quite early and Isabella and I ran to pick up our veggies from our local organic co-op. We spent the morning cleaning, storing, juicing and making baby food while daddy caught up on rest...

Our organic co-op Urban Acres here....highly recommend it we have been doing it since January...we get a full share and split it with some friends....great way to go so if one of us is out of town the other is available to pick it up

Then we headed out to Keller for cousin Laci's birthday party...
Our sweet little active girl.... Eek this outfit makes my heart flutter

My family....so incredibly blessed...
Cousin Levi and Isabella
Dress we made for Laci
First shoulder ride on daddy...to say she was in heaven is an understatement

Sunday....we had a nice family day...we played hookie from church to get some much needed family time and pool time....

Then this lil miss discovered...duh, duh, duh the monitor rigged on the pillow. (PS she doesn't normally sleep nude she had just gotten a bath from pool time and was past due for her nap so clothes were foregone:)

Helping daddy lower my mattress mid nap since someone decided she is so big she just wants to stand up and chew on the side....lucky mommy bought some fabric to make a pad and with the mattress lower has a little bit more time to save the crib from teeth!
Her new favorite thing "I'm going to eat your nose"
Sweet water baby

Then Tim and Shannon were driving through on their way home to Houston so we had a little dinner night..
"Tyler what you doing in my toy"
Every big kid has to try out the bouncer:) 
Apps and drinks...topped off with delicious mango salsa chicken, salad and zucchini 

Hope your weekend was as nice and relaxing as ours...boo for Monday!

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